IOF troops kill a Jerusalem taxi driver

IOF troops kill a Jerusalem taxi driver

A Palestinian taxi driver from Jerusalem was killed on Tuesday morning by IOF troops manning a roadblock to the south of the holy city.

Israeli Radio reported that the IOF troops fired at the Palestinian taxi driver when he approached the Mifo Bitar military roadblock which lies near the Jewish colony of Bitar Elit near the Palestinian village of Husan west of Bethlehem.

Israeli Radio quoted an Israeli army spokesman as saying that Israeli soldiers opened fire at a suspected car that drove near Bitar Elit settlement west of Bethlehem in the West Bank after the driver neglected the soldiers’ orders to stop at a roadblock for security check.

Witnesses said that 25-year-old Rabea’ al-Tawil, a resident of east Jerusalem was driving his car as he crossed an IOF roadblock, adding that IOF soldiers stationed there opened fire at the car and killed him.

Only cars bearing PA number plates are stopped at IOF roadblocks, but cars bearing Israeli number plates do not have to queue and are not usually stopped at such checkpoints, as they have a special lane that they go through after slowing down a little.

Soldiers who man such roadblocks are usually very young, trigger happy and enjoy tormenting Palestinians before allowing them to continue with their journey.