IOF troops raid al-Khalil, arrest 13 Palestinians

IOF troops raid al-Khalil, arrest 13 Palestinians

AL-KHALIL, — IOF troops raided on Wednesday morning the town of Sair to the north east of  the southern West Bank city of al-Khalil and arrested at least nine residents.

Eyewitnesses told PIC that tens of occupation army vehicles raided the town at 2:00 am and IOF soldiers started storming and ransacking homes in a barbaric manner terrorising women and children.

The eyewitnesses said that the invading troops arrested 9 people including a member of the municipality council.

Furthermore, IOF soldiers erected a roadblock at the Halhoul bridge to the north of al-Khalil where they stopped Palestinian cars and searched them thoroughly. Another roadblock was set up at the Beit Kahel bridge to the west of the city.

IOF troops on Tuesday evening arrested 4 Palestinians after raiding their work to the south of the city.

Local sources told PIC that IOF troops raided a stone cutting factory to the south of al-Khalil and detained four of its guards before arresting them and taking them away.