IOF troops use force to disperse Bilin peaceful march

IOF troops use force to disperse Bilin peaceful march

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) used stun grenades and teargas against inhabitants of the Bilin village, Ramallah district, when they tried to organize a peaceful march to their confiscated land on Friday.

The Bilin villagers brought their offspring with their toys and balloons to celebrate the Eidul Adha (feast of sacrifice) near their confiscated land that were taken away from them by the racist wall.

The villagers hoisted posters supporting Palestinian constants and rights such as Jerusalem, right of return, release of detainees, removal of the wall and all settlements, and restoring control over their own water resources.

A delegation from Greece took part in the march along with solidarity activists from Britain and the USA among others and raised placards supporting the Palestinian people’s rights including resisting occupation and living in freedom on their own lands.

The march headed to the wall shortly after the Friday congregation amidst slogans calling for national unity.

The IOF soldiers ordered the marchers not to approach the barbed wires put in front of the gates but they ignored the orders.

The soldiers fired sonic and gas bombs at the marchers and many of them suffered breathing difficulty as a result.