IOF troops’ use of forbidden weapons against Palestinians

IOF troops’ use of forbidden weapons against Palestinians increase the number of martyrs, wounded
 Dr. Juma’ Al-Saka, deputy manager of Gaza city’s major Al-Shifa hospital, has asserted that IOF troops continue using internationally prohibited weapons, chemicals and phosphoric materials against Palestinians in the Strip, thus increasing the numbers of martyrs and the wounded.

Latest statistics issued by Palestine health data center indicated the volume of Israeli violence against Palestinian citizens, revealing that the total number of martyrs has risen to 100 between 6/7/2006 to 16/7/2006, including 27 children, 9 women and 3 handicapped.

Saka’ underlined that the sudden death of the wounded after surgeries proves that there was something strange in their bodies, which requires the dispatch of an international committee to study the phenomenon.

In reference to the power failure, the doctor said that it had negative effects on the supply of water, sanitation, not to mention the unacceptable increased temperatures in operation rooms.

In conclusion, Saka’ called on the international community to break its silence and to halt the Israeli crimes, expressing astonishment over this strange silence vis-à-vis the global strenuous efforts exerted in order to release the Israeli detained soldier.