IOF troops wound Palestinian citizens, foreign supporters marching in peaceful anti-wall rally

At least 12 Palestinian citizens and one foreign supporter were wounded with IOF troops’ bullets during a peaceful anti-wall rally in the West Bank village of Bil’in, west of Ramallah city Friday.

Hundreds of Palestinian citizens backed by scores of foreign sympathizers held their weekly anti-wall rally in the town just after the Friday congregation raising Palestinian flags and chanting anti-wall slogans.

Tens of IOF troops and the so-called border guards confronted the angry protesters using teargas canisters, batons, and rubber-coated bullets to disperse them and deny them access to their confiscated lands alleging it was a “closed military zone”.

Around 12 Palestinian citizens and one Spanish supporter were wounded in that clashes, and were immediately rushed to hospitals for treatment.

Two more Palestinian protesters Adib Abu Rahma and Mohammed Al-Khatib in addition to the Spaniard, David Morales, were rounded up at the hands of the IOF troops.

Abdullah Abu Rahma, coordinator of the town’s anti-wall committee, pointed out that two Palestinian citizens were also arrested at the hands of the IOF troops for coming near the wall’s construction works.

IOA have already confiscated 66% of the town’s agricultural area in favor of the apartheid, separation wall that the International Court of Justice deemed illegal in 2004.

Palestinian owners of the land built a temporary room inside the confiscated land to display their determination to protect it to the last drop of their blood.