IPA imposes blackout on transfer of Dr. Duwaik to Megiddo

The Israeli prisons authority (IPA) has imposed a blackout on the transfer of kidnapped PLC speaker Dr. Aziz Duwaik from Kfar Yona jail to the Megiddo prison, according to legal sources Sunday.

Lawyer Sanaa Duwaik, of the change and reform parliamentary bloc’s office in Al-Khalil, said that the Kfar Yona prison authority had been delaying her visit to Dr. Duwaik for the past ten days.

She said that the IPA also refused to give any reason for such a delay in granting her a visit permit, only to be surprised a few days ago with the Kfar Yona authority informing her that Dr. Duwaik was moved to the Megiddo prison.

She tried to ask for a visit permit to the PLC speaker in Megiddo but the prison authority refused to grant her that permit.

Director of the bloc’s office Mahmoud Shabana charged that the deliberate IPA blackout on the whereabouts of Dr. Duwaik aimed at imposing complete isolation on Dr. Duwaik in a bid to pressure him and the other kidnapped lawmakers.

Shabana said that the Israeli occupation government insists on violating the international law and all other international treaties that grant prisoners of war the right to meet their lawyers and relatives.

Dr. Duwaik suffers a number of ailments that repeatedly worsened his health condition in captivity.