IPA separates Palestinian detained twins

IPA separates Palestinian detained twins

The Ezzat family appealed to the human rights groups and all those concerned with prisoners’ affairs to pressure the Israeli prisons authority (IPA) into bringing its two twin sons to one jail.

The family said in a statement on Friday that Ibrahim was detained in Negev jail while Saad was carried to Ramle prison hospital for treatment of injuries during his arrest in the latest war on Gaza then to Beersheba prison.

The statement said that the family members were very much concerned with the health of Saad and do not know anything about his condition.

They asked all those concerned with the affairs of Palestinian prisoners in IPA jails to exert all efforts possible to bring the twin brothers together in one jail and to appease their fears about their health conditions.

Ra’fat Hamdona, the director of the prisoners’ center for studies, has said that detaining brothers in one jail was always the norm in jails.

Hamdona further said that the lives of tens of Palestinian detainees were in jeopardy because of the IPA medical neglect of their diseases.

The director asked human rights groups to pressure the IPA into revealing the condition of Saad Ezzat, who has been suffering from fracture in his shoulder’s bone as a result of the cruel interrogation rounds.

Hamdona asked the media to expose the IPA practices against Palestinian captives and to demand international intervention to save their lives.