Iran Moderate Sunni Group Says It Still Endorses MB Ideology

Iran Moderate Sunni Group Says It Still Endorses MB Ideology

Iranian Sunni Group of Da`wah and Reform released a statement refuting the news reported by Al-Zaman newspapers in Iraq claiming the group renounced the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The group emphasized that the story was fabricated since it passed no decisions regarding this issue through its Secretary General Abdurrahman Birani or any other officials within the group.

The group expressed disappointment at the report made by the Iraqi newspapers that violated the key principles and values of journalism, and asserted the group was established by preachers and Islamic scholars thirty years ago influenced by waves of global Islamic awakening at that time.

The Dawa And Reform Group is an independent Iranian moderate Islamic group with figures and leaders stretched all over the districts inhabited by Sunnis. It officially performs its activities while adhering to the “Moderate” attitude that has nothing to do with extremism or seditions, the group said in a statement.

A number of figures with affiliation to the Islamic Sunni organization were executed by Shiite extremist Mullahs in Iran.