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  • December 11, 2006
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Iraq: IIP Deplores Killings, Arsons And Displacement Operations For Fifth Consecutive Month

Iraq: IIP Deplores Killings, Arsons And Displacement Operations For Fifth Consecutive Month

The Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP) released, on December 10, 2006, a statement lashing out at the government for its failure to protect the Sunnis in Al Horreyya district where they have been facing killings and displacements under the nose of the Iraqi government.

“Five consecutive months have passed with the armed militias and criminal guerrillas ransacking the Horreyya district, crimes which led to killing about 100 , injuring over 200 persons and displacing 300 Sunni families, as well as burning five mosques and a huge number of houses and shops”, the statement, a copy of which was posted to Ikhwanweb, said, decrying the double standard policy adopted by the government and its institutions which turn a blind eye to the crimes committed against an Iraqi sect while sympathizing with and defending another, as if the government sees some sects as terrorists and others as innocents who need protection.

” We- in the Iraqi Islamic Party- totally reject violence and terrorism in all its forms against Sunni or Shiite or any other sect or minority”, the statement said, calling on the government and all its institutions to refrain from the double standard policy and to deal with all Iraqis on an equal footing. The statement complained that the failure of the US forces to redress the security file has given a green light to the criminal guerillas to persist with their indiscriminate killings and ransacking of Iraqi towns.                         

ISG More Concerned With US Impasse Than Iraq Sufferings
Commenting on the Baker- Hamilton report, the Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP) said in its statement that the said report issued by the Iraqi Study Group (ISG) gave more attention to the US impasse in Iraq than that of the Iraqi problem. The statement said that the too late report contained 79 recommendations on the best mechanisms which the US should adopt to steer clear of the Iraqi impasse, without giving much attention to the Iraqis’ sufferings and how the Iraqi people get out of the dark tunnel.
“While the report has drawn up mechanisms and solutions to help the US correct its failed strategy, it has yet to engage the international and regional powers in crafting a political solution to the Iraqi troubles, as well as achieving stability and security within Iraq without prejudice to its sovereignty”, the statement said, stressing that the US administration should reconsider its strategy and correct the mistakes it has made since it occupied Iraq in April 2003.
Although the IIP statement said it agrees with part of the concept approached in the James- Hamilton report, it, however, highlighted that these recommendations will not bear fruit unless they materialize through genuine political, security and regional mechanisms to end the nonstop deterioration in the security area.                              

Only If A Genuine Government:
“We will not engage in any coming government unless it manages to restore security and political balance and break up the criminal armed gangs and sectarian militias which have marred the image of Iraq and jeopardize its integrity”, the IIP statement said, adding that the coming government should take the country out of its sectarian stalemate and unify its ranks for issues of common interest.


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