• March 25, 2006
  • 4 minutes read

Iraq: Islamic Party Statement on Third Anniversary of Iraq War

Iraq: Islamic Party Statement on Third Anniversary of Iraq War

Iraq’s Islamic Party issues a Statement on the 3rd Anniversary
of the War on Iraq  (Statement No. 124)

 The third anniversary of the Anglo-U.S. war on Iraq has arrived. It is a painful anniversary that reminds us of the fact that occupation has been chosen over despotism as a way out of the injustice that had befallen Iraqis at the hands of previous regimes.

 Unfortunately, winds have blown in the opposite direction and the situation in Iraq has turned into the deplorable state of affairs that we are witnessing now. Below is a list of the hot issues that are burning in Iraq right now:

1. Occupation forces have not been able to eliminate despotism; in fact the single despot has become several despots. This is a culture that needs time to be changed;

2. The state of chaos that prevails in the country has enticed Iraq’s neighbours into intervening in its internal affairs in a flagrant manner. Iraq has become the field of settling accounts and exchanging interests between various states to the detriment of bereaved Iraqis;

3. The security situation has become very bad and all Iraqis are now targets of violence at any moment;

4. The prevailing culture now is that of hatred and vengeance and not that of pardon and tolerance;

5. Services of all kinds, as well as the infrastructure, have extremely deteriorated;

6. Political programs of some political parties have descended to low levels and regrettably turned their attention from national to sectarian concerns;

7. Tens of thousands of Iraqis have fallen dead, become handicapped, been tortured, abducted or detained, most of whom from among innocent people having no stake whatsoever in the ongoing political struggle;

8. Establishment of a quota system, marginalizing others and politicization of State institutions have become characteristics of filling public posts;

9. Iraq has been emptied of its elite experts, medical doctors, engineers, scientists, intellectuals and others who could be relied on in rebuilding the country;

10. Widespread squandering and abuse of public money and administrative corruption.

These are just a sample of the burning issues but there many more.

Iraq is now an afflicted country by all standards and maybe is about to witness catastrophic consequences unless it receives soon the much needed divine help. For all these reasons, the Islamic Party has from the outset voiced its reservations on changing the regime by force through foreign intervention and the subsequent events have confirmed its viewpoint and analysis.

There is no doubt that the invasion of Iraq has been a bitter lesson not for those who betted on it but for the States that took part in the invasion on the basis of allegations that have turned out to be lies and fallacies.

 Unfortunately, it is Iraq and Iraqis who are paying the price. This is truly saddening.

Anyway, this is an occasion for action and not for self-reclusion and sadness. History is taught so as to learn lessons and not to waste energies through feelings of agony and pain. Iraqis have still a true chance to save Iraq from its actual or planned state of chaos and civil war.

Undoubtedly, good intentions are necessary but not enough. What is needed is that the common national interest must remain in our mind.

 At the same time, no other discourse should have precedence over that of ‘saving Iraq’.