• Iraq
  • June 30, 2007
  • 4 minutes read

Iraqi Accordance Front Suspends Its Participation in Gov’t

Iraqi Accordance Front declared suspending its participation in current Iraqi government due to what it called” exercises of excluding the Front’s officials, specially the latest escalation of issuing an arrest warrant against the Minister of Culture Asaad Al-Hashemi .
The following is the statement:
Statement of the Iraqi Accordance Front
Iraqi Accordance Front and its supporters faced, during the past two cabinets, many unjustified injustices over groundless charges of terrorism even against anti-terrorism activists. In order to spread such charges against us, the judicial rulings have become politically motivated, justice has been sidelined, sanctities and human rights have been violated. These violations are committed against both the Iraqi Accordance Front and people whom it is representing, too prove that there is a double-standard policy thay aims at sidelining the Iraqi Accordance Front and its supporters and hunting its leaders. Add to this killings, kidnappings and relocations. The Iraqi security forces issued an arrest warrant against Dr. Asaad Al-Hashemi the Minister of Culture and raided his house in a barbaric way to arrest him in a disgraceful manner due to groundless charges and twisted investigations.
In its statement no. 38 dated June, 26, 2007 , the Iraqi Accordance Front presented specific demands to Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki of rectifying mistakes committed against the Minister of Culture. While Iraqi Accordance Front stresses its respect to law in dealing with persons, parties and entities away from double standard policies, it states the following:
1. With its respect to the judicial independence, the Front challenges results of the initial investigation because they were held, according to several sources, under compulsion, torture and blackmail and it demands staring an investigation again under supervision of a neutral committee.
2. Rehabilitating the Culture Minister over the moral damage due to the security raids and manhunt.
3. Stopping the current sweeps of arrests as part of a law-enforcement plan and revising files of the detainees to release innocent persons from overcrowded detentions in Baghdad and allowing  civil society organizations and human rights agencies to visit these centers to see the tragic status quo of these jails.
Insisting on having these demands addressed, Iraqi Accordance Front calls on its members in government to boycott Cabinet sessions and urges other Cabinet members of other political entities to take a similar step in protest at the irresponsible action taken against the Culture Minister.
Plans for Sidelining Iraqi Accordance Front
For his part, Dr. Alaa Mikki, an Iraqi MP for Iraqi Accordance Front told Ikhwanweb that this decision is a natural reaction to the twisted exercises that the government commits against the front and its members. There is a plan for sidelining the front’s political role.
Mikki says that withdrawal from the government is a real option still imposes itself and is currently gaining general approval in the Iraqi Accordance Front and among its supporters.
“We will take this decision at the appropriate time and after becoming sure that this that withdrawing from the government will bring us closer to the political project that the front is adopting” he added.
” The main question is still: What will happen after that?
“We are supposed to have an integrated plan for the post-withdrawal phase, something the front has been working hard to formulate, and it has many ideas and options.
“If we decided to withdraw, it will be due to the policy of other parties with which we are forming the government. These parties deprived us premeditatedly from any real opportunity for participating in making decisions”.
The withdrawal when it happened then it will be the parties policy product united with us in the government that deprived us about a previous an insistence and an intention from any real opportunity for the participation in the decision taking .