• Iraq
  • December 28, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

Iraqi gov’t can’t take any hard decision: Al-Hashemi

Mr. Tarek Al Hashemi confirmed that “The situation in Iraq is tense, and we should search for new substitutes”, pointing out that these substitutes should be- not under the US administration’s control- but under the control of the international community.

Al Hashemi, the Iraqi vice-president, told Ikhwanweb that ” The current government can’t take any tough decision because of the unreasonable formation of the government that takes decisions according to sectarian bases, not national bases”.

Hashemite pointed out that: ” we were clear and frank with the government from the vry beginning; we criticized the government and clarified its ills, informing it that it- the government- needs a political support which won’t take shape unless all blocs and sects agree on the national interests.

Concerning the Baghdad’s next security plan, Al-Hashemi said: ” The next security plan is still under study and notes are still sent in this respect; but I think the coming plan will divide Baghdad into nine parts; every parts will be surrounded by a security fence or a water barrier to separate the parts from each other; also, the joint US and Iraqi military and security forces will be increased to observe and protect the stated part; this plan will be carried out if it is approved on Jan. 15. 2007.

Regarding the detainees file, Al Hashemi said:” One of my most prominent targets for my visit to Washington was pressing for releasing detainees; I told president Bush frankly that America must immediately release all Iraqi innocent detainees.

He added that: I sent also a letter to the US president in which I showed him the paradox in which The United States is calling for human rights while it violates these rights in Iraq.