Iraqi Islamic Party: Attempts to Tame Front are Futile

The Arab League should play an effective role

The Iraqi Islamic Party said that the Iraqi Accordance Front faces massive pressures; Iraqi citizens accuse the Front of failure as it behaves in a sectarian way, aggravating the situations in the country amid many calls to withdraw from the political process in order to deny the government its legitimacy and just to keep their self-respect.

The Islamic Party said in its fifth weekly message- of which a copy was obtained by Ikhwanweb- said that the political process came to a halt and that the government and the style of rule failed in dealing correctly with hot issues, confirming that there are attempts to tame the front in order to compel it to recede from its national legitimate constants; also, the attempts of exclusion and accusations against it will not undermine its upper arm and will not prevent it from the perforing its leading role despite the violent attacks. It clarified a set of facts that must be made public in addition to clarifying the methods that the front deals with on divine bases and according to the instructions of the prophetic.

The party stressed, in its message, on the need to dissolve the militias and bring balance to Iraqi ministries and directorates as a guarantee for stopping the sectarian violence that sweeps the country, in addition to Iraq’s need to the Arab attitude regarding its crisis, pointing to the role that the Arab league and Arab countries must play in order to break stagnation that befell the political process in Iraq

The Text

First focus- Iraqi Accordance Front sees Confrontations

The Iraqi Accordance Front is facing massive pressures and evil propaganda of accusation charging the front of treason, abuse of power and at the same time neglecting the full fledged violence overrunning the country. There are many calls that the front should withdraw from the political process and the government so that it loses legitimacy. We do believe that the political crisis is being brought to crossroads in addition to the fact that the combination of the cabinet and the way of rule failed to deal correctly with the hot issues until the security situations deteriorated and became at stake; this is proved through daily incidents. The smashing news of kidnapping 150 employees in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research/Scholarships and Cultural Relations Directorate building in central Baghdad where gunmen wore old Iraqi police garments and used about 30 cars; this crime did not take more than 30 minutes. Such a scandal was a justified reason for dissolving the government and the interior ministry thereof that assume a historical responsibility to rescue the abducted males as soon as possible not only to save their lives but just to keep good name for this miserable state. Moreover, this responsibility is essential to firm the bases of the state and to prove the ability of your ministers to deal with urgent events under emergency law.

The Iraqi Accordance Front, facing various accusations, would like to acquaint you with the following facts:

1- All know that the Iraqi Accordance Front was established in Ramadan 1426 Hijrah, despite this short age, yet the front succeeded in assuming the role of a vast stable Iraqi political reference that attracted the attentions of the public both inside or outside and dealt with others effectively to save Iraq amid tough historical times; all will bear witness for this role.

2- The Iraqi Accordance Front was capable of confronting the blind sectarian sedition that was fuelled after blasting the shrines of the two imams in Samer’aa, causing a heavy death toll, demolishing mosques and buildings; this stance was able to control the sedition and prevent the country from slipping into the stormy sea of an all-embracing civil war.

3- The attempts to tame the front in order to compel it to recede from its national legitimate constants in addition to the attempts of exclusion and accusations against to it will not undermine its upper arm and will not prevent it from perforing its leading role despite the violent attacks because it was based on piety; day after day it proves its power and abilities in addition to its right approach in dealing with adversaries, while others have gone astray and became indulged in violence and bloodshed in order to serve their mean interests.

4- Decisive rules should be accurately studied amid these enormous and dangerous events before implementing them, because all decision makers must be armed with divine guidance, consultation of scholars in order to take the right decision; we have a wonderful example in Allah’s messenger (peace be upon him), Allah says,

And by the Mercy of Allah you dealt with them gently. And had you been severe and harsh hearted, they would have broken away from about you; so pass over (their faults), and ask (Allah ’s) Forgiveness for them; and consult them in the affairs. Then when you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allah certainly, Allah loves those who put their trust (in Him).

5- We started to get involved in the political process and government in order to extirpate negatives and meet interests. We are need people’s help because the responsibilities are massive; and instead of charging and blaming us it would be better- if not essential- to share us and participate with all those who are trying to maintain security.

6- At the time, we are practicing pressures on the government in order to keep its promise; so we appeal to all who call us to resign to support us instead, because six months is a very short period. Noteworthy, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) needed 23 years when he faced confrontations and attacks before the conquest of Mecca. All remember the Prophet’s companion (May Allah be pleased with him) Dho Al-Jushin Al-Dhababi who refused to join the Prophet (peace be upon him) and he did not turn Muslim unless after Mecca became in the hands of Muslims; so he regretted that he did not convert to Islam quickly,

Allah says, “Not equal among you are those who spent (freely) and fought, before the Victory, (with those who did so later). Those are higher in rank than those who spent (freely) and fought afterwards. But to all has Allah promised a goodly (reward). And Allah is well acquaint

7- The great sacrifices that we offer you do not indicate defeat or failure, amid the stormy sea of seditions; yet they are an evidence of the true decisions of this phase, a phase of jihad and sacrifice in order to preserve our national and religious constants. Patience is a key towards victory, Allah says,

“Did ye think that ye would enter Heaven without Allah testing those of you who fought hard (in His Cause) and remained steadfast?”

8- We shall withdraw from the political process if we discovered that the negative points are bigger than the positive ones, and if we found that the alternative is better than the political process; the criterion is keeping our constants at all times. We do not have any personal interests, it is just for the sake of Allah and our homeland.

Second Focus: Government and the opportunity to change:

The US elections ended and the Americans decided to punish their administration for its failure in Iraq; they ousted the head of the military power Rumsfield, so the Iraqi government has to seize the opportunity to overcome the all embracing crisis. The premier has heard the members of parliament in the forty ninth session, replied to all their questions in the fifty first session but they were insufficient. We do not want a cabinet reshuffle, although we support all kinds of change, yet we are in need for change in performance and methods of rule because the current failure is not attributed to the failure of ministers to assume positions, yet it is due to the double-scale policy, non-commitment to what we agreed on before during forming the cabinet.

So that the National Accordance Process can succeed, every one who has reservations regarding the political process must unite through accordance on national criteria for a real political process, not only superficial ones.

Militias should be dismantled and their organizations must be quelled because they became nests for terrorism like other terrorist organizations who deal with the government in rigidity.

We should initiate a national balance through implementing it away from any personal interests and whims. The opportunity is ripe for all, so every one must be committed to the government and political blocs. Every one should abandon the spirit of partisanship and sectarianism and only deal according to the bases of Iraqi citizenship. Participation has rights and duties; it is impermissible to implement duties while wasting rights because this is against justice. Our demands mentioned in the second message in 24/10 will be open until the government responds to them, because they are keys for solving the Iraqi crisis.

Third Focus: The Arab League and the necessary role

Mr. Tariq Al-Hashimi said in a message that they want the Arab League to hear their demands; and they ought to share positively in the crisis of Iraq, because this sharing was so much delayed; they ought to participate in providing security to the Iraqi society. The resolution to lift siege from Iraqi people is a great Arab achievement which we hope to see. Iraqi people are like the Palestinian people: both of them appeal to the Arab league to lift the stagnancy in Iraqi political process and to participate in healing the injuries of Iraq regardless of its sects; we need help to save Iraq because Iraqi people are the only ones who are bearing the afflictions of the crisis. We appeal to you to open embassies, companies and civil societies in order to carry out development projects in Iraq. We are wondering why Iraqis have to bear the afflictions alone. Why do all nationalities come to Iraq while Arabs are not? Embassies from different countries, companies and societies reside in Iraq while Arabs do not come at all; this is an unprecedented heedlessness on the part of the Arabs.

The Iraqi arena is waiting for you, your fellow Iraqis are waiting for you they are in need for your support and Baghdad is waiting for you…so when will you come.

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