• Iraq
  • June 26, 2007
  • 2 minutes read

Iraqi Islamic Party Considers Withdrawing From Government

Tarek Al Hashemi, Iraqi vice-president and Secretary-General of the Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP) stated to Ikhwanweb that his party will consider withdrawing from the Iraqi government if a decision is made by the Iraqi Accordance Front to do so.
”We will take the decision at the right time if withdrawing from the government will bring us closer to the political project that the Front is adopting” 
Al- Hashemi added that the main question is What will happen after that?
“We must have an integrated plan for the post-withdrawal phase, something the Front has been working hard to formulate, and it has many ideas and options”
“If we decided to withdraw, it will be because of the attitude of other parties in the government. These parties deprived us premeditatedly from any real opportunity for participating in making decisions”
Al-Hashemi denied that there is any relation between the Iraqi Islamic Party and Iraq-Hamas movement. He said:” There is no organizational relation between the Islamic Party and  Hamas movement Iraq or any resistance factions that carry out their operations with full independence. However, we have good relations with all of them and talk with them from time to time, encouraging them to adopt a unified political project to be a basis “for negotiations that these groups may need in the future”.
The published reports about any real negotiations with resistance factions are not certain. Despite the statements issued from time to time by the British army, that holds, as it said- negotiations on behalf of the US army, the resistance is still denying all this.