Iraqi Islamic Party Demands Gov’t Release Detainees

The Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP)demanded the Iraqi government to release the innocent detainees, specially university professors and dignitaries, with bails given by the political blocs participating in the current government.

The party demanded also in a statement, a copy of which was obtained by Ikhwanweb, activating the role of the judiciary through increasing the number of the investigating committees and benefiting from the experience of 400 judges who were dismissed due to arbitrary measures.

The statement added that:” The political blocs participating in parliament and government should call on the Prime Minister to resume the program of releasing innocent detainees (12000) held by the US forces”, according to US forces commander, General Caesy who suspended this program at the orders of the Iraqi Prime Minister.

The statement said that:” The statements that Iraqi Justice Minister declared when he was summoned by the House of Representatives, that the number of those detained by the US forces and Iraqi government reached 240000 aren’t true and contradicts with the statements declared to the media by the Ministry of Human Rights, that the number of detainees is more than 33.000 detainees, according to figures of the ministry and of the human rights office affiliated to the Iraqi Islamic Party.

“These statements question the fate of more than ten thousand Iraqi detainees thrown into prison for a year without any legal basis”, added the statement, pointing that the prisons are full and can’t bear any more prisoners, especially that the new security plan may lead to more detentions.