Iraqi Islamic Party Hails National Reconciliation

The Iraqi political arena witnesses these days a number of political activities under the slogan of national reconciliation in an attempt on the part of most political forces to stop sectarian feuds. In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Alaa Makki, member of Politburo of Iraqi Islamic Party (Muslim Brotherhood) said that national reconciliation project is a step on the road to a national coalition government between the Iraqi Unified Coalition Front and other political forces. Makki added that these reconciliation attempts brought about common national principles and agreements by which the various political forces will play a role in tackling the country’s crucial issues. Makki pointed out that the conferences and other political activities also brought about agreement of all political forces to set up a national political council to engage all Iraqis in political action especially that which is related to the security aspect. There will also be the National Balance Council which has been created mainly to achieve national, political and societal balance between all political forces within the state agencies and establishments.” We hope that this council manage to achieve the mission for which it has been set up”, he said, adding that there is a ministerial committee concerned with the national security chaired by Deputy Prime Minister for Security Affairs, adding that this committee is assigned to monitor security situation in general and acts of violence in Iraq in particular. Makki pointed out that the reconciliation activities also resulted in an integrated political program by which all outstanding problems witnessed by the Iraqi arena will be tackled, particularly the dissolving of the former Iraqi army, returning of usurped mosques, adopting policies for fighting administrative corruption, monitoring the security status, as well as immediate dissolution of the armed militias. In spite of voices which oppose national reconciliation, the Iraqi Islamic Party member affirmed that it is the true gateway and safety haven for Iraq and an effective way to stabilize and rehabilitate the country, something which the Iraqi people aspire for. Makki called on all national forces to not listen to anti national reconciliation voices now that the majority is for it, citing the release of Iraqi Reconciliation Front member Tayseer al Mashhadani as a herald of success of national reconciliation attempts.