Iraqi Islamic Party Opposes Occupation, Probes Political Role

Commenting on Iraqi President Galal Talebani’s statements calling for extending the stay of the US forces in Iraq , member of Politburo in the Iraqi Islamic Party Dr, Alaa Mekki said that his party, like most of Iraqi people, opposes the US occupation to Iraq” and all our practices and policies fall under this strategy”, he said.

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, he asserted that the Islamic Party accepted to join in the political process mainly with the aim to cooperate with other national political forces to involve all Iraqis in the peaceful political process and stop the unstopping bloodsheds and massacres.

“Regrettably, some political forces still back armed militias which relentlessly perpetrate killings and vandalism on the Iraqi arena”, he said, lamenting that the political process in Iraq is still a cosmetic one without serious motives to bail Iraq out of its ordeal. However, he praised some political forces which “ see eye to eye with us on that this status quo will only lead to a catastrophe” he said, calling on the Iraqi government to play its role in stopping massacres in Iraq.

Mekki underlined five steps which, if taken, could achieve peace and stability in Iraq,

First: Dissolving of the militias and taking tough measures against them, and calling on the other political forces to publicly voice their rejection of such crimes.

Second: Immediate implementation of the current political program and determining a deadline for carrying out these programs.

Third: laying out a timetable for reforming the security agencies and strike a balance between all Iraqi sects and ethnic groups so that all the Iraqi people are given the opportunity to take part in running their own country.

Fourth: The Parliament has to immediately lay out a law achieving the national balance.

Fifth: Release of all innocent detainees who have spent three months in custody and haven’t been convicted with any charges.

However, Mekki asserted that all options are open to the Islamic Party and “we will use whatever means to achieve our people’s hopes and aspirations “he added.