Iraqi Vice-President Promises To Relieve Displaced Christian Families

Iraqi Vice-President Promises To Relieve Displaced Christian Families

Tariq al-Hashimi (Iraqi Vice President – Head of the Iraqi Islamic Party) has promised yesterday to relieve Christian families displaced to Baghdad and to ensure their conditions.

This came during a meeting between Al Hashimi and a delegation from the Assyrian National Party in his office, which included Mr. Azmi Al Beer, Mr. Kourkis Berwari, and another representative of the party, they represent Chaldean Assyrian Syriac Party, and the meeting discussed the recent situations and events which different Christian denominations have exposed to in the city of Mosul.

Hashimi said: “There is a national consensus on not to abandon you, and I ordered to exert relief efforts which will continue till the sons of the Christian community return to their former homes, and what you demand now, is a national demand, and we must be committed to, and this is the heart of the constitutional duties assigned to the presidency.” He added: “I want to send a message to assure all of you that you are part of our families, and because you are in a special situation so you should be given the precedence.”

About Article No.50, Hashimi stressed that they will not waive that issue, adding: “I add my voice to the minorities in this regard, and I ask you to be patient and not to worry because it will take some time, then this crisis will be overcame, you are our brothers, you should be with us in good times and bad.”

Iraqi officials revealed that about 900 Iraqi Christian families at least had fled from Mosul, fearing for their lives after a series of killings and threats by “radical” agents, during the deterioration of the situation.