Iraqi VP: Occuaption Forces in Iraq Commit Daily Massacres

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb , Iraqi vice president and Islamic party chairman Mr. Tarek el Hashemi commented on the massacres perpetrated by the US forces in Haditha, Samera, Ishaki and other areas by saying “We share the Iraqi people their disbelief and shock of the massacres and heinous crimes committed by occupation forces in Iraq. We had hoped that the scandal in Abu Ghraib prison would be the end of plights, but it seems that the occupation forces’ human rights records in Iraq is full of atrocities”

Joint Committee to invesitgate atrocities

Al Hashemi called on the Iraqi government not to content itself with just condemning these crimes and called for an unbiased fact finding committee to be formed by the UN, or a joint committee by the Iraqis and Americans. This committee will be charged with the investigation into these brutalities to bring the perpetrators to justice, and pay punitive damages for the victims and their families.

Al Hashemi laid emphasis that this gloomy scenario is expected to go on and the media will report bleak news in the foreseeable future on fresh violations and untold heinous crimes “what is reported by the media is just a drop in a sea of crimes and the massacre discovered in Haditha occurs on a daily basis all over Iraq” Al Hashemy added

Withdrawal of occupation forces is the solution

The Iraqi Vice President renewed his call to withdraw all foreign occupation forces from Iraq “It is inevitable to think seriously to call for scheduling the withdrawal of all foreign forces from Iraq as soon as possible, which must go along with the measures to prepare the Iraqi security forces on nationalist and professional grounds to assume its responsibilities”

Mr. Al Hashemi also added that he raised this issue when he met with British prime minister Mr. Tony Blair and added “I see it an optimal solution, which is based on a scheduled, phased withdrawal of foreign forces from Iraq.”