Iraqis Are People, Too

Montel Williams “How many people have died in Iraq since January one? “

Fox Host “It”s about 20”

Montel Williams “No its not about, it is 28”

Montel was just counting the number of US Killed in Iraq, because for most US citizens Iraqis are not people.

“Combined figures obtained from the defence, interior and health ministries showed that 541 Iraqis were killed in January.”

Do the math Montel. 541 Iraqi people and 28 US personnel = 569 people killed in Iraq in January.

Ask anyone who has been educated in the US how many people were killed in the US war on Viet Nam and the will say 55,000. Many remain unaware and unconcerned that the total number killed was over 2 million people, of course the 2 million were not citizens of the USA and therefore not real people.

Arrogance, Raceism or American Exceptionilism, you decide.