Is a Jewish holocaust against the Palestinians in the offing?

Is a Jewish holocaust against the Palestinians in the offing?

Note: This piece was written as Israeli security forces were embarking on  a large-scale training exercise to carry out a possible "population exchange," a euphemism for ethnic cleansing of non-Jews.

A few days ago, Dov Lior, the Rabbi of the Jewish colony of Kiryat Arba, called for the annihilation of the people of the city of Nablus. Speaking to fellow settler leaders, Lior addressed one settler leader, telling him "I am sure you can become the mayor of Shchem (Hebrew name of Nabslus) I am sure you will be able to do the job in one month, even one day."

Like most other national-religious rabbis, Lior believes that the Bible condones the mass murder of non-Jewish men, women and children who refuse to submit to the "master race." In 1994, the same rabbi enthusiastically endorsed the massacre of innocent Palestinian worshipers at the Ibrahimi Mosque in downtown Hebron at the hands of an American Jewish Terrorist named Baruch Goldstein, who had immigrated to Israel from the United States. Lior eulogized Goldstein, who was subsequently killed by survivors, calling him a "great hero and saint."

Predictably, Lior has no difficulty "proving" that non-Jews living in Palestine should be given three choices: physical extermination, enslavement as water carriers and wood hewers in the service of the master race, or violent expulsion. He can always go straight to the books of Deuteronomy or Kings  or  Joshua  and select some of the bloodiest verses urging slaughter. He would dutifully avoid other verses that urge fair treatment of "aliens" living in the land!!

Unfortunately, Lior is not rare species. The vast majority of Zionist rabbis in Israel seem to have more to do with the doctrine of Adolph Hitler than with the Ten Commandments.

For example, instead of "thou shall not murder," these Judeo-Nazis teach their gullible students and disciples  that what is really meant her is "Don’t murder a Jew." As to non-Jews, it is a different matter because their lives have no sanctity. And instead of "thou shall not lie," these sick rabbis teach their followers that not telling the truth is a mitzvah (good deed with which one endears himself to God) if telling the truth would harm Jewish interests or expose a Jewish killer of a goy, a derogatory word for a non-Jew. The same thing applies to the Biblical commandment against theft. In recent days and weeks, dozens of settler rabbis all over the West Bank have told their followers that "stealing Palestinian olive crops was an act of religiosity and piety." Upon hearing these blasphemous edicts, hundreds of "religious" settlers converged on nearby Palestinian olive orchards, stealing the crop in broad daylight. When Palestinian peasants protested, the Hitler Youth-like settlers trained their guns on them. As if that were not enough, the Israeli occupation army sent soldiers to brutalize the Palestinian farmers for "provoking the settlers."

As mentioned above, the settlers and their leaders claim to be performing a religious act by murdering, stealing and lying. However, a fleeting look at their actions and behaviors show that these people are heretical at best and constitute the ultimate moral antithesis of true religion, especially one that is based on justice and fairness.

I am saying these people are murderous and genocidal because mass murder    is their only prescription for the resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict.  Several months ago, a settler leader named Dalia Weis arrived in Hebron to encourage Gush Emunim settlers to resist army efforts to dislodge them from an Arab building the settlers had seized.

Weis, a fiery speaker who doesn’t mince words, addressed the settler squatters, telling them that the only way to deal with "these Palestinians" was by adopting the Biblical methods as "a catalogue   for  action." Then the middle-aged woman, a former mayor of the settlement of Kedomim in the northern West Bank, started reciting Biblical verses describing genocidal massacres in Biblical times, including the murder of men, women, children and oxen and sheep and not leaving a breathing thing!!

The Israeli government knows perfectly what is happening in the West Bank but ignores settler criminality and barbarianism. The government believes that the settlers are Israel’s ultimate sword against the Palestinians; the ultimate tool of ethnic cleansing against the Arabs.

Sometimes, a few settlers are arrested, but the arrest is mostly disingenuous and is done to elude and deceive the international public opinion into thinking that Israel is still a democratic state where the authority of the law is still supreme.

Well, but what kind of law is that whose authority must be respected? The Nazis, too, had a law, but it was a kind of law that legislated fascism and barbarianism. Remember, some of the world’s most barbarian crimes were committed under the rubric of the law.

Today, Israel is doing more or less the same thing, legislating fascism and enabling these mad dogs to violate every conceivable aspect of justice and morality under the sun, all  in the name  of  Jewish national fulfillment.

Seven decades ago, the Third Reich sought German national fulfillment. We all know the rest of the story.

Now, a completely arrogant Israel, which has come to control American politics and policies, is trying to emulate the Nazis, taking a advantage of  Jewish influence  on the American media.
To be sure, the matter  in Israel goes far beyond a few wild weeds such as Lior and Lieberman. The truth of the matter  is the Jewish fascism  has become  a mainstream in Israel .

Well, what type of a country, let  alone one  claiming to be a true democracy, would force a segment of its citizens to recognize another segment as  the population as "masters" and themselves as "inferior citizens."

It  is really sad and lamentable that most Jewish leaders both in Israel and abroad are quite silent about this  brazen, whoring  fascism now unmasking   its ugly face in Israel,  the very  county the  paragons of mendacity and hypocrisy had always wanted us to believe was meant to be a  light upon the nations?

Where is the sanctimonious Eli Weisel? Where is the tribal Abraham Foxman, who wouldn’t stop invoking morality?  Where is Britain ‘s  Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks who doesn’t  stop claiming  that Judaism  stands at the first line  of defense for  morality and human rights? Where are the hundreds of writers, intellectuals, rabbis and academics and others who would cry out to the seventh heaven whenever the slightest criticism is leveled against Israel and its criminal behaviors? 

Where are they?

Jewish leaders rightly claim that the holocaust didn’t start with Auschwitz , Bergen Belsen, Mauthausen  and other death camps but much earlier with comparatively innocuous acts such as the Nuremburg laws and other racist laws passed by the German authorities.
I have no doubt that Israel is now very much like Germany in the early 1930s. The ascendancy of Kahanist and other fascist and Judeo Nazi parties in Israel can mean one and only thing: that full-fledged Jewish  Nazism is a matter of a few years. Some well-meaning people are convinced it is already alive and kicking.

In the final analysis Nazism is Nazism and it doesn’t matter if it has a German or Jewish face. I am saying this because a Jewish holocaust  against the Palestinian people, who are even more helpless now  than European Jewry were in the 1930s and 1940s,  wouldn’t be any less nefarious or Satanic than the German crimes during WWII.