Is Prophet Mohammad satisfied with you?!

Ladies and gentlemen, you were angered by Danish caricature published in unknown newspaper, and revolted against who went on these caricatures, and therefore held demos for the sake of the dignity of our prophet, Will you revolt against what the Palestinians and Lebanese face, or not?
 Oh, people who demonstrated all over the Islamic and Arab world against these caricatures, why we don’t we watch demos or hear you voice to express rage and fury against the killing of Muslims and non Muslims by fascist Zionist gang in Tel Aviv?
 Oh brave people who burned the weak Denmark embassy in several Islamic and Arab countries, why you are silent toward the Israeli embassy in many Islamic and Arab capitals. However, No one peaceful demo was held against this criminal gang in Tel Aviv.
 Oh jurists, sheikhs and new callers, where is your assemblies and efforts that led to gathering and mobilizing millions of youth behind you during the crises of caricatures that took place in Denmark?
Glory be to Allah!!
 We have not seen gatherings or conferences condemning this violence. There is no one positive reaction telling Muslim youth that the prophet (PBUH) is not satisfied with this silence after all these events.
Glory be to Allah!!
Is Denmark the only one which has embassies and flags to be burned in Islamic and Arab countries from Indonesia to Iran and Damascus, passing by the “brave” other Arab capitals?!
 Oh our “brave hearted- presidents”, are demos and gatherings are available Denmark and its newspaper, and is prohibited against Israel and America?!
Oh our friends who hasten to boycott the Denmark’s goods (especially baby milk and milk products… the goods of comprehensive destruction!!), in addition they used internet to circulate their boycott, why we do not hear your voice?!
Oh gentlemen who stick mottoes on their cars and shops… we sacrifice our self for the Prophet, every one except you the prophet of Allah… do you think that Allah and His prophet accept these massacres?  
 You are certainly hypocrites!