• April 10, 2010

ISESCO calls on UNSC to protect the Aqsa Mosque

ISESCO calls on UNSC to protect the Aqsa Mosque

DAMASCUS, Archeology experts of the Islamic economic, social and cultural organization (ISESCO) have called on the UN Security Council to immediately intervene to protect the holy Aqsa Mosque and occupied Jerusalem against the Israeli occupation authority’s (IOA) judaization schemes.

At conclusion of a meeting in Damascus a couple of days ago, the ISESCO committee of experts described the IOA practices in occupied Jerusalem especially diggings under the Aqsa Mosque and its vicinity as “illegitimate” because they violated the international law and constituted a real threat to the Mosque’s structure.

It demanded an immediate halt to such excavations, urging the Arab, Islamic and international media outlets to expose the IOA practices.

The committee lashed out at the IOA for including the Ibrahimi mosque in Al-Khalil and Bilal Bin Rabah mosque in Bethlehem in the so-called list of Jewish heritage sites.

The committee proposed the convening of an international conference to study the historical documents of the Ibrahimi and Bilal mosques and to discuss means of protecting them in cooperation with the Palestinians.