Islah:4th Conference Key Stop For Party Structure

The Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah) prepares for holding its fourth general conference this Feb. 24, an event which various media outlets shed light months before holding it.
For his part, Mr. Mohammed Qahtan, the Head of the Political Bureau of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah) confirmed that changing leaders inside the Islah Party will be held according to the basic regulations and that three is no problem about this.
Asked by Ikhwanweb whether there is a possible change of leaders in the next conference, Qahtan said:” Definitely, there will be a change”, denying any need for amending regulations for the time being.
Qahtan said that the importance of this conference stems from the fact that it is the first to be held after the presidential and municipal elections, pointing out that their results should be discussed in order to tackle the problems that faced the opposition during them.
Qahtan downplayed the so called crisis regarding change and causing problems around it” as long as there are laws and regulations that control this method; consequently, such issues are unquestionable”, stressing that there the national issues should be given more priority than all personal and party concerns.
The Islah political bureau chief denied also that the party changed its status concerning women whom, he said, were elected and will be elected, and have the right to garner more 15 %. He stressed that women aren’t given a specific quota; they are fully equal to man.
Qahtan said that the increasing number of women in the leading posts is actually attributed to their success on the ground. “Women have the full right to compete with men to take their legal and legitimate right” he added.