• July 16, 2006
  • 4 minutes read

Islamic Movement Leaderships condemn Israeli Brutalities Against Palestine and Lebanon

Islamic Movement Leaderships condemn Israeli Brutalities Against Palestine and Lebanon

" Do something instead of looking around " This is the essence of a statement released by the leaderships of the Muslim Brotherhood offshoots in seven Arab countries Sunday July.16th, 2006,mainly Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Syria, Tunis, Algeria and  Sudan. The Muslim Brotherhood leaders in their statement exposed the suspected role played by "the Zionist entity" which perpetrates an organized war of extermination against civilization and humanity. The statement described the Israeli forces as criminal gangs seeking to wipe out the Arab nation from the map, adding that what is going on in Palestine and Lebanon is much more heinous than the ethnic cleansing campaigns launched throughout history, even ones committed at the hands of the mad Nazis in the twentieth century. It deplores the Arab regimes’ defeatism state of affairs and the international connivance with the criminals, attitudes which the statement said gave the criminals a chance to persist with their policy of destruction and killing innocents indiscriminately, at a time when the victims are unarmed ones who have no national or international protection.


Owing to this and other considerations, the statement called on the Arab and Muslim nation to close ranks and get up in arms in the face of this savage aggression. It pointed out that the Israeli bombers strike at all the Arab and Muslim countries, targeting the entire Nation indiscriminately. It called for retaliating to the enemy in the language it knows, an eye for an eye.

On the threats of imminent attacks on Syria, the statement said that the Muslim Brotherhood rejects these threats and calls on all the free peoples in the world  to stand with the  Syrian people in case of any Israeli aggression on its land  .  

The statement reiterated its warning of silence over these brutalities, saying that such a silence" will not work in our favor, and even it could lead to this aggression extending to include other Arab and Muslim countries indiscriminately."

The statement concluded by calling for all Arab and Muslim peoples to express their anger, in all possible ways and means, to stop  these crimes committed against unarmed peoples, depicting as motionless and lifeless those who stand idle while they see these atrocities committed against their Arab and Muslim brothers.