Islamic Organizations in France Demand the French Review the Niqab Ban Law

Islamic Organizations in France Demand the French Review the Niqab Ban Law

Mohamed Bechari, President of the Union of Islamic Organizations in France described the implementation of the law banning the niqab in public places as a law that encourages secularism that is based on the exclusion instead of the integration policy.

Bechari told Ikhwanweb that forcing a Muslim woman to take off her veil which represents her religious identity  and her free choice is “one of the worst types of oppression” which does not comply with the French values which calls for the respect of women’s dignity and her personal, humanitarian and religious freedom. He called on Paris to review its position in this regards.

He pointed out his understanding of the concerns of many French people about the emergence of some Islamic and traditional rituals which they are not familiar with in their culture and their attempt to deal with it in a way to maintain the identity and unity of the French society and achieves coexistence.

He ascertained that Muslim women should wear the veil on personal conviction and understanding and likewise, “Muslim women should not be forced to remove the veil to get access to education or to utilize the facilities of the states”.

He rejected that liberal secularism should be a reason for applying “strict laws” that would undermine the most important human rights and freedoms, that is being religious and personal freedoms.”

Bechari called on Muslims in Europe to integrate in the societies they live in without losing their identity and to take part in the advancement of the societies in which they live.