Islamic Studies Institute and SSI Ally to Stop Registering The Book “Witness to the Muslim Brotherhood”

Islamic Studies Institute and SSI Ally to Stop Registering The Book “Witness to the Muslim Brotherhood”

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information resented today the refusal of The Islamic Studies Institute to approve the book “Witness to the Muslim Brotherhood” by the researcher, Ibrahim Saleh al-Khowlani.

The book monitors the historical phases of the Brotherhood movement in Egypt, their ideas and relations with presidents. The book is free of any religious irregularities and yet it was refused claiming that SSI was against the idea of the book in principle alleging it would “confuse” citizens.

In May 2010, Ibrahim al-Khoulani , a researcher, went to register his book at the intellectual property registration office. He was informed that the book has to be first approved by The Islamic Studies Institute as it contains many Koran and Hadith verses.

Ibrahim submitted two copies of his book at the research department at the Islamic Studies Institute with a transaction number 639 as of 13/5/2010. He waited for 4 whole months before receiving a response that the book is free of errors and approved for publishing , but then SSI objected to the theme of the book alleging it would stir confusion among the public. Islamic Studies Institute refused to hand Ibrahim a written disapproval of the book.

The Arabic Network said, “It is unacceptable that the Islamic Studies Institute will not approve the book because SSI is against it alleging that it will cause public confusion. This is neither the role of the Institute , its role is restricted to check for religious errors , nor the role of SSI to decide on books”.

The Network added, ” We suffered long enough from the arbitrariness if the Islamic Studies Institute as it has refused and confiscated many books before. Instead of taking a more moderate stance , the Institute forwarded the book to SSI and allow them to be a decision maker that disapproved the book. The Islamic Studies Institute is only boosting SSI and giving them more control on the political and cultural life in Egypt , which is utterly resented and unaccepted”.