• December 8, 2012
  • 6 minutes read

Islamist Coalition Statement on Friday December 7 Protests, Events and Clashes

Islamist Coalition Statement on Friday December 7 Protests, Events and Clashes

The Islamist Coalition (IC) warns manipulators of popular will of any attempts to topple the democratically elected President and the legitimate government, describing the current crisis as a coup against legitimacy, adding that the IC will not allow replication of the corrupt former regime under any pretext or any name.

The IC will remain in permanent session, and all options are open and under discussion.

We warn that the millions who made this peaceful revolution will not stand idly by as they watch gains of their revolution lost or reversed and their achievements undermined.

Unscrupulous mercenary media has exceeded all limits, lying, fabricating fables, vilifying revolutionaries, and siding with former regime loyalists and corrupt businessmen.

The IC supports all events aimed at protecting legitimacy.

We assure the Egyptian people that the IC is most determined to safeguard homeland security, preserve the blood of Egyptians, and boost political stability and economic prosperity.

The IC believes that the referendum on Egypt’s new constitution must be held on time, without modification or delay; and regards it as a concrete step on the path towards stability, building State institutions and achieving many of the objectives people are eager to see completed, such as economic prosperity, security, health-care and education, as well as resolving other important issues affecting the Egyptian citizen.

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