Islamists Achieve Landslide Victories In Elections of Jordanian Doctors’ Syndicate

The white slate ” the coalition of Islamists and professional medical reform gathering” achieved a landslide win in the elections of the Jordanian Doctors’ Syndicate that took place on Friday evening, and the results were announced on Saturday morning, April, 21, 2007 . Dr. Fawz Zohair Abu Fares won the position of the the head of the syndicate; also 8 candidates from the White Slate won out of 12 syndicate board.
Dr. Abu Fares beat the candidate of the green list on the post of the head of the syndicate, Dr. Hashem Abu Hassaan ( the previous head of the syndicate) as he won 1736 votes against 1680 votes to his rival, while independent candidate Dr. Khalil Barakat got 11 votes; the turnout of voters reached 3460 doctors, out of about 7500 registered members of the General Assembly, and 33 blank sheet were picked in the ballot box on the head vote.
Jordanians Seek Reformist Islamists
For his part, Zaki Bin Arshid, the secretary general of Islamic Action Front Party considered this win as a proof that all sections of the Jordanian people back the Islamists and that they are fully convinced of the program of the reformist Islamists.
Bin Arshid added in a statement to Ikhwanweb that despite the government’s continuous attacks against Islamists, this win confirms the failure of the regime’s crackdown that started with arresting the IAF’s MPs Dr. Mohamed Abu Fares and Ali Abu Sokkar and the attack on Islamic charity center society .
Bin Arshid demanded the Jordanian government to stop its attacks against the Islamic movement and to allow the Jordanian people to choose with freedom.
The election results:
Head: Dr. Zohair Abu Fares – 1736 (Islamist).
Syndicate members: Dr. Farouk Abdul Rahim – 2311 (Islamist),
Dr. Basem Al Kasouani-1987 (Islamist)
Dr. Momen Al Hadidi- 1961 (Islamist)
Dr. Raef Faris- 1795 (national)
Dr. Mohamed Al Abbadi-1694- (Islamist),
Dr. Adam Al Abdlat- 1685 (national),
Dr. Abdul Aziz Amr- 1625 (Islamist),
Dr. Youssef Al Maasher- 587 (national),
Dr. Sakhr Al-Tall – 1558 (Islamist),
Dr. Nasser Al Shoumali- 1546 (national)
Dr. Mahmoud Gabr- 1543 (Islamist),
Dr. Ali Atiya – 1477 (Islamist).