• July 31, 2006

Islamists And Political Activists Condemn Qana Massacre

A group of Islamists and political activists, including the Muslim Brotherhood,released a statement condeming the unabated massacres and war crimes committed by the Israeli forces against the Lebanese and Palestinian people. It lamented the recent Qana massacre where the Israeli war planes pounded a shelter used by civilians to protect them from the bombings, reminding us of the first Qana massacre ten years ago. The statement pointed out that the occupation forces continue their savage crimes against the people in Gaza strip and West Bank, destroying houses on the heads of their dwellers and embarking on assassinations in cold blood and in flagrant violation of all international laws and norms. It also lashed out at the international community for turnning a blind eye while two countries, Palestine and Lebanon, come under daily bombardments with internationally banned weapons targeting civilians.


The undersigned of the statement are mainly:


MB Chairman Mohamed Mahdi Akef


MB First Deputy Chairman Dr. Mohamed Habib


MB Deputy Chairman Eng. Khairat el Shater


MB Executive Bureau Member Dr. Abdul Monem Abul Fotouh


Sheikh Rashed el Ghannoushy , the Chairman of  Tunisian  Nahda Movement


Jordanian MB Chairman Salem el Flahat


Libyan MB Chairman Suleiman Abdul Qader


Sudanese MB Chairman Sadeq Abdul Majed


Syrian MB Chairman Ali Sadruddin el Bayanoni


Lebanese MB Chairman Sheikh Faisal Molawi


Lebanese MB Deputy Chairman Dr. Ibrahim el Masry


Jordanian Secretary General of Islamic Front Action Zaki bin Arsheed


Nigerian Head of Muslim Cooperation Group Dawood Omran Malassa


Coptic political thinker Rafik Habib


London – based Iraqi political analyst Anas el Tekriti


Dr. Dia’a Rashwan the renown researcher at Al Ahram Center for Political Studies.


The statement reads as follows:


Once again the Zionist war machinery has come to commit more massacres and crimes against humanity, mainly the Palestinian and Lebanese people. The Zionist war planes have come to pound even shelters accommodating children, women and the old, the recent of which took place in Qana, recalling to mind the first massacre in 1996, while the occupation forces still continue their bombardments and savage crimes against our people in Gaza Strip and the West Bank, destroying houses with their residents and committing assassinations in cold blood violating all international laws and norms.


The Zionist crimes continue everywhere under the nose of the international community which is turnning a blind eye and a deaf ear to the atrocities befalling the Palestinian and Lebanese people, while the US administration still continues its unlimited support of the Zionist entity and suppplies it with the deadly and internationally banned weapons to kill children, women and elders.


By targeting women and children, the enemy is aiming to spread panic and despair into our hearts and make up for the losses it has sustained at the hands of the brave fighters in Lebanon and Palestine, in a failed attempt to restore its already collapsed morale. By committing these brutalities against civilians, the enemy is also aiming to break our willpower, but it will also fail since these strikes will only strengthen the people’s resolve to hold fast to their rights and positions. Our People must not surrender before the Zionists, the US administration or the oppressive rulers. They also have to raise their voices in rejection of the brutalities befalling the Lebanese and Palestinian people, and to exert pressures on their governments… since this cause touches the entire Arab and Muslim, and even the entire human security. The resistance of Lebanon and Palestine is our spearhead in confrontation of the Zionist American virulent scheme which is aimed to remap the region in a way that suits their own interests.

Against all this  turmoil, doctrines of our religion as well as the moral duty makes it incumbent on us to back the resistance whatever sacrifices are, out of belief that the battle is  more over our well being than geographical borders.

While we call on the entire world to play a vital role in stopping the Zionist crimes, we hope that the world back the following demands:


– Organizing massive demonstrations throughout the world including the Western countries until the massacre comes to a halt.

– Reaching a ceasefire immediately, and conduct an immediate investigation into the massacres of the Israeli enemy                                                                                                         – Expelling all the ambassadors of the Israeli enemy and severing all diplomatic relations               

– If the enemy fails to stop its aggression, then the Arab rulers have to open the door of jihad , with the Arab and Muslim people regarding themselves in a state of jihad in the light of this loose Nazi savagery, and provision of all forms of material and moral aid to the victims of the Zionist – led war crime people in Palestine and Lebanon.


We also call the Arab and Muslim rulers to repent for their pathetic silence which provided a cover for the enemy to commit all its crimes, and to rise to the challenge encountered by their nations, for neither the history nor the nation will forget their position toward the agonies of the nation, and that they will be brought to account before God in the Hereafter. 

We salute the courage of the resistance in Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine, who preserve our dignity and embolden us to face the aggression with bravery.


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