Islamists in Bangladesh face constant suppression

Islamists in Bangladesh face constant  suppression

Since its coming into power in early 2009, there have been numerous reports that the Awami League in Bangladesh has been torturing leaders of opposition political parties in an attempt to suppress dissent voices and intimidate further opposition

Under the previous Awami League government during the 1970’s, all newspapers except for four under government control had been closed with the ban of other political groups. The current regime has been following similar methods thwarting opposition’s political activities and rallies and shutting down television channels including Channel-1 and Jamuna TV, and the widely-circulated newspaper Amar Desh. 

The Awami League has been brutal in its treatment of opposing political parties’ members and leaders. Opposition leaders including former foreign secretary and Ambassador Mr. Shamsher Mobin Choudhury who is partially disabled were arrested, tortured by police and the ruling regime’s party men and are currently detained 

On 29 June 2010, the regime also arrested three senior leaders of Jamaat Islam on blasphemy allegations, which were unfounded and pointless. The regime is perpetrated to leaders and political activists and opposition parties including Bangladesh Nationalist Party and Bangladesh Jamaat Islam and their student organizations. The continued human rights violation ranging from rapes to unlawful tortures are turning Bangladesh into a failed state. Despite a High court rule ordering the government not to arrest or harass them two other central Jamaat leaders have also been arrested while all central leaders of Jamaat have been unlawfully barred from going abroad. 

If the international world chooses to remain silent to the constant repression on opposition political leaders and activists the country could be facing a civil war.