• December 19, 2009

Islamists in Jordan call for support of Palestinian resistance.

Islamists in Jordan call for support of Palestinian resistance.

In commemoration of the 22nd anniversary of the first Intifada, the Islamist movement on Thursday December 17, called for the support of Palestinians living under Israeli occupation.


 The political wing for the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Movement, Islamic Action Front stressed the importance and duty of the Arab and Muslim worlds in offering support to the Palestinians  and the resistance asserting that resistance is the only solution in ending the Israeli occupation.  They shed light on the continuous failure of the Palestinian Authority in engaging in unsuccessful peace talks referring to the inability to secure the rights of Palestinians in incidents such as Oslo, the Roadmap or the Annapolis conference.


The group paid tribute to the first Intifada as the “catalyst for political movements around the world which began in 1987 across the Palestinian territories and continued for some five years before the Palestine Liberation Organisation signed the Oslo Accords, with Israel to establish the Palestinian National Authority in 1993.


The Islamist group called on Arab nations to “live up to their responsibility towards the Palestinians and Islamic holy sites” adding “No one has the right to ignore their responsibility to resist the Israelis occupational agenda in Palestine”.