ISLAMOPHOBIA: INCIDENTS – article collection

ISLAMOPHOBIA: INCIDENTS – article collection

Polls, statistics, and surveys relating to Islam and Muslims
Claim That All Terrorists are Muslims Ignores History (sections on Christian extremism and terrorism and Jewish extremism and terrorism were divided 4/08)
Alarming Statements 1 – 2000 and before
Alarming Statements 2 – 2001-2005
Alarming Statements 3 – 2006
Islamophobia – Alarming statements – Part 4 – 2007 and 2008
Prejudice, Racist, or Violent Incidents at MOSQUES
Incidents, hate crimes
MEDIA, Propoganda & Perception
Islamophobia: Real or imagined NEW 4/18/08
A Long History of Injustice Ignored
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5 teens attack, injure Muslim girl on school bus in Ann Arbor–injure-Muslim-girl-on-school-bus 9/09
Man shot leaving mosque in Maine 9/09
Man shoots at home of Muslims in Portland Oregon 9/09
British Defense League anti-Muslim protests in London 9/09
Tennessee Mayor forwards anti-Muslim email 9/09
Worshippers attacked outside mosque in London 9/09
Axe wielding ultra orthodox attack Palestinians in Jerusalem 9/09
Assault on Muslim teens in Michigan 9/09
Muslim taxi driver assaulted in California 8/09
Man tries to run down two Muslim women with a car in Long Island 8/09
Muslim women harassed at gas station in Islandia 8/09
Philadelphia Arab store vandalized 8/09
Muslim journalist assaulted on Vancouver bus–victim-of-anti-muslim-attack-on-transit-bus-still-in-shock 8/09
Dove world outreach church sends kids to school with “Islam is of the devil” tee-shirts 8/09
4 JDL men arrested for attacking Palestinian store in Paris,7340,L-3743702,00.html 7/09
300 weapons and 80 bombs have been siezed in Britain as part of a right-wing bombing campaign against mosques 7/09
anti-mosque sign hung from bridge in England 7/09
Dove World Outreach Church posts “Islam is of the devil” sign 7/09
California Imam killed in a suspicious house fire 6/09
FBI planting spies in U.S. mosques
Georgia State University student alleges she was harrassed by a senior faculty member because of her religion 6/09
German Muslim woman stabbed to death in court 6/09
The Glasgow, Scotland branch of Islamic Relief set on fire after several threats and 6/09
Head of Islamic community group in Britain sent letter threatening arson attack
Islam is of the devil sign posted in front of Florida church 7/09
Mercedes Benz SA has suspended two employees after they allegedly sent out an anti-Muslim e-mail 3/09
Prisoners in Ranby jail in Britain make bomb to blow up Muslims 5/09
Run Hadji Run Fireworks for 4th of July and and
Seattle man says threatening Muslim woman and child with a knife was to ‘defend America’ 7/09


Attacker tried to strangle Muslim woman with her own hijab in Britain 12/08
Hate crime charges filed in Seattle convenience store beating 7/08 – Muslim womans veil ripped off in England 7/08 – Three Muslims attacked in Denmark 6/4/08 – 3 men in Britain convicted for racial abuse of a Muslim co-worker. He was tied to railings, hosed down with cold water and force-fed bacon. The incident was filmed on a mobile phone 4/08 – Danish Muslim Teen beaten to death in Copenhagen 3/08 – Madrassah (school) attacked in Bradford England 3/08 – French island of Corsica gun attack on three youths of North African origin celebrating the end of Ramadan. 10/08 – An Egyptian Christian man angry at his sister’s conversion to Islam and marriage to a Muslim broke into her Cairo apartment and sprayed gunfire on the family of three, killing the husband 10/08 – Six members of a Muslim family including a two year old toddler were burnt alive by a rampaging Hindu mob 10/08 – A black, Muslim teenager was beaten on Election Night in Staten Island, NY by four white men furious that Barack Obama was elected the nation’s next President. 11/08 – In Kelso, WA a man accused an Indian man of being a member of al-Qaeda and slapped him. 11/08

Student government president at Kentucky University sends anti-Muslim email to campus listserve 2/08

Muslim woman ejected from Louisiana mall over hijab.  2/08

Muslim cemeteries in Crimea attacked – In Arras, France the graves of 148 Muslim soldiers who faught in WWII and were buried in a military cemetary were defaced with swastikas. 4/08 – Muslim cemetery vandalized on Ukraine’s Black Sea in Crimea, Russia 2/08 – Vandals Destroy Dozens of Muslim Graves in Graz, Austria 2/08 – Muslim graves desecrated in Austria 9/08 – Muslim graves desecrated in London 9/08

– Crown Bolt plant in Pennsylvania has anti-Muslim graffiti painted on walls 8/08—Tyson Foods poultry plant in Tennessee has negotiated a contract that substitutes a Muslim holiday for Labor Day as one of the eight paid holidays at the plant and set off a storm of Islamophobia 8/08

‘Traitor’ film falls Into the Old Trap Of Moral Ambiguity About Terrorism 8/08 – Brigitte Bardot fined for Inciting racial hatred – The Dunkin Donuts “incident” – “God Loves You, Allah Hates,” reads a sign posted outside a Mandarin church in Jacksonville, FL 10/08

– Muslim opening prayer at Iowa Statehouse raises concerns 1/08 – Illinois law enforcement officials apologized for using a fake “mosque” in a recent emergency preparedness drill 5/08 – Otero County Republican Women Chairperson Marcia Stirman sends out email saying “Muslims are our enemies” 10/08 – Rep. Tom Tancredo proposes anti-Sharia legislation 10/08

Man charged in Boston for threats against Muslim restaurant owner 4/08 – Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy, a public charter school in Minnesota receives threats 4/08 – Muslim Massacre a computer game in which players control an American soldier sent to “wipe out the Muslim race” 9/08 – Muslim candidate for Irvine City Council reported receiving a phoned death threat after being “smeared” by a council member’s Islamophobic remarks. 10/08

Two Charged With Hate Crime for Anti-Muslim Vandalism in Revere, Massachusetts 9/08 – graffiti was found in six to eight locations in San Elijo Hills, CA and all of it was about Obama, African-Americans or Muslims 10/08


ASSAULTS – Muslim Man Assaulted at Sam’s Club in Florida – Slurs used during assault on Florida Muslim – Racial Slur Used in Attack on New York Muslim Man – Muslim children assaulted at a Florida Taco Bell 7/6/07 – New Jersey Muslim woman assaulted by man shouting racial slurs 5/07 – American Muslim man assaulted in St. Cloud Minnesotta Philip Joseph Massa charged with obstructing the legal process and fourth-degree gross misdemeanor assault motivated by bias. Federal charges could still be filed, but Assistant Stearns County Attorney Shan Wang said he had not heard if that would happen. 6/07 – Florida Muslim family assaulted in a Taco Bell by man shouting racial slurs – Florida man shoots at Iraqi American’s house 7/19/07 – Arab boy bound and beaten in NY 4th grade classroom 8/1/07 – Muslim youth stabbed in Glasgow, Scotland hate crime 9/07

CAMPUS – Guilford College Muslim Students Attacked in North Carolina – Anti-Muslim graffiti scrawled on McMaster University professor’s door 4/12/07 – Anti-Islam Literature Given to North Carolina High School Students 2/07 – Arizona student targeted with “hate prank” 5/07 – Arabic school in N.Y.C. creates stir – Florida school bus driver spits on Muslim kids, U.C. Irvine students confrontation with FBI agent – Muslim students harrassed in Blaine, Minnesotta 6/07 – A supervisor of the dining room at Seaside High School in California asked a Muslim student to remove her veil even after she had told him that she was putting on the veil for religious reasons.  – Sexual assault on female Muslim student went unreported to police by school officials for 6 months at Toronto school.  – Hannity And FOX News Target NYC Arab School, Falsely Paint It As Muslim Madrassa – Stanislav Shmulevich of Brooklyn was arrested on charges of criminal mischief and aggravated harassment, both hate crimes for throwing Qur’ans into toilets at Pace University two times.  – David Horowitz declares October 22 to 26, 2007 Islamo Fascism Awareness Week for campuses across the U.S.  – Arabic language program at Carver Elementary in California becomes subject of national debate – Stop the Madrassa coalition pickets Khalil Gibran School opening in New York – anti-Muslim letter in University of Michigan-Flint paper 10/17 – Muslim girl beaten at NJ school family alledges school told them to keep quiet 10/07

CIVIL RIGHTS – Oklahoma Police Officers Punished for Alleged Harrassment of Muslim Woman – Torture an Issue in Jose Padilla Case – Airline apologizes, vows to reimburse Muslims barred from flight – KEITH ELLISON incident see Statements 2007 – African American Muslim woman refused entry into Georgia courtroom unless she removed her head covering 6/07 – Citizenship delays for Muslims waiting for U.S. citizenship – 2 Muslim women in Ohio asked to remove scarves for drivers license photo – Muslims and Sikhs concerned about warrantless searches 11/07 – Profiling alledged at Minneapolis airport 12/07

DESECRATION – 30 Muslim graves desecrated in Leeds, England

DISCRIMINATION – Sen. Barbara Boxer Recalls Award to Muslim Activist Because of His Involvement With CAIR – Muslim families in S. California harrassed because of faith win judgement – Muslim prayer in Texas State Senate angers some including Harris County Republican Chairman Jared Woodfill – The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sued Merrill Lynch over its treatment of an Iranian Muslim employee. 6/24/07 – Pilot Removes Muslim From Flight Following Prayer Request 7/07 – Whitehall Jewelers Sued for Refusing to Hire Muslim Woman Wearing Headscarf 7/10 – 4 Arab-Americans claim discrimination in suit against FedEx 7/17 – At U.S. base in Iraq, Iraqis must use separate latrine 8/4/07 – Passengers simply speaking in the Arabic language causes plane to be grounded 9/2 – NATO fires two Dutch women employees for marrying Muslims 8/27 – Oklahoma Legislators Return Gift of Qur’an 10/07

PROPOGANDA – FlierAnonymous Anti-Muslim Flier in Florida – Rockland Jail in NY suspends chaplain for passing out anti-Islam booklets to prisoners.  Clapp distributed religious booklets that characterize Islam’s Allah as an “idol” and devil and Muhammad as a criminal and a “religious dictator.” – Left Behind Game sent for U.S. troops in Iraq to play in off time, “The “Left Behind: Eternal Forces” video game, is set in a “post apocalyptic” New York that looks almost exactly like New York City after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and lets players simulate commanding a paramilitary Christian army that seeks to convert Jews, mainline Christians, Muslims, atheists, Buddhists, and everyone else in New York City to fundamentalist Christianity. All who resist will be killed.” 8/07

In the cartoon panel stories, a tract titled “Men of Peace?” says Islamic fundamentalists who commit terrorist acts are not “bad Muslims” but “very good Muslims” who act in accordance with their religion. The tract called “Allah Has No Son” says Allah is not God, Muhammad was no prophet and the Quran is not the word of God. 4/07

THREATS – Muslim Imams in New Jersey Receive Threatening Letters – Michigan Imam threatened – FBI launches probe into online vandalism in California – Charlotte, NC BMW plant worker threatened with having his throat cut 4/07 – Muslim mother in Philadelphia target of hate crime threats – Towel Headed Sniper threatens Arab women in Virginia 4/07 – Death threats against Detroit area Muslims 5/07 – Florida Muslim activist receives death threat 5/07 – Hate Letters sent to CAIR Chapters in Several States – Imams lawyer gets second death threat – Muslim couple in Maine threatened 7/25 – Muslim who asked question during Republican debate receives threats 11/07 – Death threat against Muslim leader due to CAIR dispute with Michael Savage 12/07

VANDALISM – anti Arab graffiti at Arab Christian church Among the messages left in blue and black paint were “1 God Jesus” and “Arabs Die.” Most were left at the rear of the building.  – Vandals eyed as white powder found at Muslim school in Cooper City, Florida 4/11/07 – Texas Muslim families car defaced with hate messages 7/16 – Arson of Florida Bosnian Muslim families home, anti Islam graffiti painted on home, and [2] 7/6 – another Florida Muslim families home spraypainted with swastikas and hate graffiti 7/16 – Muslim families’ vehicles vandalized in San Antonio, Texas 8/1/07 – Maryland families car vandalized 9/11/07 – Toledo Islamic High School vandalized with swasticas 9/21


APPOINTMENTS – Dennis Prager (CAIR) called on President Bush to rescind the appointment of radio talk show host Dennis Prager to the United States Holocaust Memorial Council because of his intolerant views toward Islam in American society.

ASSAULTS – Vermont Man Tries to Kill Muslim Family to ‘Protect the U.S.’ – Racial and ethnic slurs reported used during attacks on Muslims in Florida and Ohio.  – Assault on Muslim Man in Florida – Five more Jewish teens may be charged in beating of N.Y. Muslim hate crime charges filed against 5 Jewish teens – forum held to cope with Muslim womans murder in California – Florida police detective assaults Muslim cab driver – religious hate seen as motive in murder of California Muslim woman

CAMPUS – Yale anti-Muslim posters – UCLA taser incident – Pace University series of incidents – Jewish and Muslim StudentsAttacked on Australian Campuses – MSU professor sendshate mail to MSU students – Attack on students in Canada – High School Student offended by library presentation – Student attacked in washroom by rally supporter – A 10-year-old female Muslim student at a Jacksonville, Florida elementary school was discriminated against by her teacher for merely wearing a headscarf. The cello instructor reportedly asked mocking questions, such as asking her why she wore that “nun thing.” The teacher also refused to let her play in a school concert.  – Maryland High School Teacher Charged After Uproar Over Arabic, Washington Post, September 13, 2006 available at – Religious harassment of Muslim family in Delaware school district Furore over fasting Muslim students in Cincinnati, Ohio

CIVIL RIGHTS – Brandon Mayfield Settles Claim for False Arrest on Terrorism Charges – MPAC prompts dept. of transportation to launch investigationof US Airways for removal of 6 Imams from flight – Flying while Muslim – Denying entry to U.S. to Muslim scholars – profiling clarification sought from Illinois congressman – see CAIR civil rights report for incidents in 2006 – Man Asked to Remove Shirtbefore Boarding – Hate Crime suspectedin Ohio Fire – Hijab reportedly ripped offduring protest – Airline removes father and sonto ease flight attendant anxiety

DISCRIMINATION – AAI Condemns Attack on Arab American Candidate in Anaheim – Texas Residents Use Pig Races to Deter Building of Mosque – U.S. Soldiers Lead Iraqi Children in Obscene Chant –CAIR asks investigationinto internet video – British Relief worker detaineddoing charity in Israel – Proposal for Turkish Cultural Center taken back

INTERNATIONAL – Uzbekistan government accused of bias – Woman sent backto Spain without seeing family – Pig’s head impaledon mosque railing – Muslims die in police custody in Thailand

INTIMIDATION – Effigy of Arab Hanging From a Gallows Draws Concern – Muslim Candidate’s home targeted for protest – Federal authorities said Kia Reid left an anonymous threatening letter in her supervisor’s office at the Sheraton Suites Philadelphia Airport one morning last October. Reid had affixed words and phrases that appeared to be cut from publications, including the phrases “REMEMBER 9/11,” “you and your kids will pay,” and “death.” 10/06

PROPOGANDA – North Carolina billboard drivers license ads “Don’t License Terrorists” featuring a militant in an Arab garb and a rocket launcher.  – What the West Needs to Know new anti-Muslim documentary – Fliers At Pennsylvania Church Take Aim At Islam – media incitement to violence – media Islamophobia, Panic and Public Media – media and Islamophobia

VANDALISM – Explosion at Florida Muslims home possible hate crime – Home of Muslim family vandalized in Missouri


DISCRIMINATION – Philippinos Decry Anti-Muslim Profiling Memo – []Eid stamp complaints[/url] – Muslims opposed NC billboard campaign themeStudents oppose art pieceNC judge bars oath on QuranHomeowner removes offensive signFlorida church sign offensiveTextbook pulled after positive portrayal of Islam complaints – Dell fires workers following group prayer

CIVIL RIGHTS – Online petition aims to close down mosques, deport Muslims – see CAIR Civil Rights Report for incidents in 2005 – FBI interrogates CA student on binder doodling – Doctor cleared of terror linksMuslims decry closing of bank account – Judge Questions Use of Qur’an in Taking Oaths in court

DESECRATION – Muslim graves desecrated in UK

INTERNATIONAL – Fliers call for race riots – Review sought in US army’s actions – Muslim man killed in Sri Lanka – Attempt to burn Muslim schoolin Netherlands

PROPOGANDA – Fox airs disclaimerduring TV series

VANDALISM –Muslim]]Muslim school vandalized[/url]


ASSAULTS – Iraqi Chased and Run Over By Car in Hate Crime in BritainMuslim Teenager Attacked by Skinheads in Britain – Muslim woman attacked in Florida – Muslim woman attacked in Britain – Woman assaulted at Pennsylvania Walmartman attacked on way to say prayers in New Jersey – Muslim detainee suffers brain damage at immigration center –Muslim woman attacked in Florida Mall

ARSON – at store in Everett, Washington

BOOKS – The Arab Mind, by Raphael Petai, review “It’s Best Use Is As a Doorstop” by Brian Whitaker

CAMPUSES – Ryerson University Investigates anti-Muslim Graffitti – Univ. of Texas Pressed by ADC, US Army Concludes Special Agents Exceeded Authority at UT Austin in questioning conference participants – U.C. Irvine display challenging the wall Israel is building on Palestinian land was torched – Female Muslim student threatened at high school in Nevada – U.C. Irvine Muslim student receives threats – Antelope Valley College professor demands a Muslim student remove her scarf – University of Wisconsin MSA office vandalized – Orange County high school student wants “to kill Muslims” when he grows up. —(U.C. Irvine Graduation Sash Controversy Warping the Truthsome background Muslims demand apology from ADL – ADL apologizes for statement about Shahada – more background) – – Muslim students put off school bus – Louisiana High School graduation, Muslim woman mistreated because of hijab – Anti-Muslim Graffitti in Dorm – Professor’s remarks draw threats

CIVIL RIGHTS – Muslim cleric detained at Vancouver airport – Canadian Muslim cleric, Ahmed Kutty, detained at Florida airport – Oklahoma School District Hijab Case.  ADC welcomes the DOJ Civil Rights Division’s complaint against an Oklahoma school district for violating the constitutional rights of a student by denying her the right to wear her hijab (headscarf) to school.  – Minnesota Somalis Turned Away from Taxi Driving Jobs – Right-wing politicians want to ban Islam in Norway. – Man sentenced for beating Jordanian man – School allows hijab after suitMuslim Security officer denied access by Secret Service – Saudi jailed again afterjury acquittal – Muslim student told to take off scarf

DESECRATION – Muslim graves defaced with swasticas in France

DISCRIMINATION – Intel Corp. Muslim employee files lawsuit for discrimination – Chicago Muslim police officer sues city – Middle Eastern customers bank accounts closed in Mississippi – TAPPS private school association sends anti-Muslim rejection to Muslim school application – Neighbors oppose Muslim cemeteryGirl Scouts harassed

INTERNATIONAL – Pastors guilty of inciting hateMuslim school bombed in Netherlands – French law may ban beards – Jewish, Muslim graves desecrated – Iraqi mowed down by car in UK – Anti-Muslim fliersdistributed

Muslim Military Chaplain arrested Article by Omid Safi

DESECRATION – Muslim Woman’s Body Desecrated in a Hospital in Britain – Neo-Nazi Graffiti Sprayedon Muslim Gravestones in France

Offensive photo of U.S. marineholding inappropriate signs with two Iraqi boys in picture

DISCRIMINATION Delta Airline settles discrimination claim – Secret Service Bars Muslim Guard from D.C. Hotel Floor – Muslim Police Officer in GA files discrimination lawsuit [/url] – Muslims See New Opposition to Building Mosques Since 9/11 – Nebraska Changes Pool Dress Code After Muslim Files Lawsuit – Oregon Muslim leader excluded from Mayors’ prayer breakfast. 

HARASSMENT – Muslim student one of many reported harassments at Reno, Nevada area schools.  – Teenage girls claim harassmenton Vermont Street in Buffalo because of their Muslim faith.

INTERNATIONAL – Macedonian Government admits to killing 6 innocent Muslim refugees (originally identified as terrorists), This week the Macedonian Government has admitted that it made the whole thing up. Far from being terrorists, the six Pakistanis and one Indian killed by police were innocent immigrants kidnapped at a border and taken to the Macedonian capital to be executed in a dummy operation just so Macedonia could be seen to be doing its part in the war on terror. – Muslims protest mosque demolition in Phillipines – Muslim graves vandalized in Denmark – Teenager attacked in brutal attack

PROPOGANDA – Fliers calling for deportation of black Muslims in New Jersey – Swiss ads warn of Muslim takeover

VANDALISM – anti-Arab slurs spraypainted at bustop in Oklahoma.  – a Lincoln, Nebraska Car Dealership had racial slurs written all over his business. “They threatened him if he did not go back to his country,” said employee Michelle Ramsey. “They gave him a certain amount of time to sell the business or they were going to hurt his friends and family. They came in this back door and they just destroyed everything.” – Vandalism at Minnesota mosque site


ATTACKS – Arab American News in Dearborn firebombed

ARIZONA Highest Increase in Anti-Muslim Incidents in Arizona

APPOINTMENTS Bypassing the U.S. Senate, now in recess, President George Bush appointed an outspoken anti-Muslim scholar, Daniel Pipes to the board of a government-funded think-tank, the U.S. Institute of Peace which concentrates on foreign policy.

ASSAULTS – Muslim Child Beaten in Pennsylvania by three 13-year-old boys who made remarks such as “go back to Iraq” and “Saddam Hussein helper” during the attack.  – Man Beaten in Yorba Linda, California.  – Indiana Muslim Burned in suspicious fire. 

CAMPUSES – Portland State Anti Muslim Incidents at Portland State – Yale University anti-Muslim Attacks Penetrate College Campuses – San Jose State Muslim University Students Threatened

DISCRIMINATION – American Express Cards Cancelled for many Muslims – Washington State House of Representatives walkout during Muslim prayer opening session – Muslims protest walkoutduring prayer

INTIMIDATION – emails Readers at Right Wing Website send threatening emails to Muslims

INTERNATIONAL – Mosque burned in IndiaMuslim School VandalizedAttacker jailed inattack on cab driver International Religious Freedom Report

PROPOGANDA – anti-Muslim stickers sold at conservative conference



APPOINTMENTS – ABRAMS, ELLIOT (NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL) CONTROVERSY, The Biases of Elliot Abrams, Laila al Marayati Although President Bush repeatedly says that the US is not biased against Islam, the recent appointment of Elliot Abrams to head the National Security Council’s Near East and North African office delivers exactly the opposite message to the regions 250 million plus Muslims.Pro-Israeli lobby seeks to stop NY appointment

CAMPUS – Wayne State University anti-Islamic article – Missouri Presentation turns Ugly in Missouri – University of North Carolina Controversy on Qur’an reading assignment

CIVIL RIGHTS – see CAIR civil rights report for list of civil rights incidents for 2001 and 2002 – Court reunites Muslim convert mother with child

DISCRIMINATION – Whirlpool plant Muslim workers alledge discrimination – Muslim Girl Refused Entry at Roller Rink – CAIR asks airlineto look into anti-Muslim commentary – Greyhound profilesMuslim passenger – Secret agent admits to graffiti in Muslim’s home during investigation – INS rounds up hundredsin CA in response to registration requirements

INTERNATIONAL – Muslim attacked in Wales

POLITICAL – Ashcroft makes offensive remark on Islam

PROPOGANDA – Republican Website Asked to Remove Anti-Islam Link[ the website of the Greensboro-based Guilford County Republican Party has a link to a site called “Islam Exposed” that states: “This website was designed with 1 (sic) objective in mind – to expose one of the greatest evils on our planet – Islam. We have the evidence and materials to prove that this false religion is nothing more than a barbaric occult (sic) invented by savages for savages.” – Depiction of Arabs in films

THREATS – [url=]Man sentenced in federal hate crime

VANDALISM – Secret Service Agent Admits to anti-Muslim Graffiti in the home of an Arab-American man. 


Chronology of hate crimes 2001

APPOINTMENTS Bishop J. Delano Ellis, Controversial Appointment to U.S. Faith Based Panel

ASSAULTS – Palos Heights, IL A man attacks a Moroccan gas station attendant with the blunt end of a machete because he believed the victim was Arab – Manhattan, NY Amrik Singh Chawla, a South Asian American (Sikh), is chased by a group of four men yelling “terrorist.” – Richmond Hills, NY A gurdwara is fired upon with rubber bullets.  – Richmond Hills, NY Attar Singh Bhatia is severely injured and hospitalized when he is attacked with a baseball bat.  – Richmond Hills, NY Two Sikh Americans are attacked with a paint ball gun.  – Tulsa, OK According to local police, a Pakistani native is beaten by three men in a hate crime.

CAMPUSES – U.C. Berkeley Arab Film Festival Cancelled Because of Security Fears – Colorado University Norlin Library Defaced with Anti-Arab Graffiti – Brandeis University Anti Arab Fliers Distributed. 

CIVIL RIGHTS – see CAIR civil rights report for list of civil rights incidents for 2001 and 2002 –
Hate Crimes Against MuslimsPost Office to reprint poster that left Muslim Stamp out

POLITICAL – Sudanese official barred from Capitol Hill meetingMuslim groups condemn ADL

VANDALISM – Muslim schools face vandalism

MEDIA – Newspaper apologizes for anti-Islam article

THREATS – Newport Beach, CA A Newport Beach woman receives harassing and threatening phone calls all morning.  – San Jose, CA Maha El Genaidi, executive director of the Islamic Network Group in San Jose, receives two threats to her organization and personally fields more than seven threatening calls and e-mails. “One of them threatened my life and the lives of all Muslims.” And others were saying, “Get the hell out of the country. You ruined the country, and you will all die,” El Genaidi says.  – Stockton, CA Amarjit Singh Dadwal, a Sikh, is shouted at and called an “Iraqi” by four or five white teens and adults in a van.  – Washington, D.C. As a South Asian American (Sikh) exits work, he is accosted by pedestrians on the street who begin to yell verbal expletives at him, and threaten to “get” him and bomb him in retaliation for the terrorist acts earlier in the day. Although he was able to escape the crowd, he was deeply upset by the incident.

Canadian paper attacks Islam – Liz Claiborne Recalls Jeans With Qur’an Verses on Back Pocket.  – Hertz employees allege verbal abuse

Disney’s Alladin causes controversy 1993 – CHILDREN’S BOOK World Religions: Great Lives by William Jay Jacobs 1996 – Russian Crackdown on Azerbaijan 1990 – JDL Pipebomb Syrian U.N. Mission in N.Y. 1992 – Baruch Goldstein Massacres Palestinians at Cave of the Patriarchs 1994 – Muslims blamed for Oklahoma City bombing 1995 – Jumping to conclusions in Oklahoma bombingJewish Extremists Attempted Assassination of Iranian Diplomat in Argentina 1995 – Srbenica massacre 12,000 Muslims killed 1995 – Bosnian arms embargo limits self defense 1995 – Muslims file complaintagainst chain restaurant – Denny’s Restaurant in Montana discrimination complaint

Israeli troops fire on Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem 1981 –Alan Harry Goodman Kills Two at al Aqsa Mosque – Sabra and Shatilla massacres in Palestine – Alex Odeh murdered in bomb attack in California – 1988 Michael Dukakis returns campaign contributions from Arab Americans – Walter Mondale returns campaign contributions from Arab Americans

Rabbi Shlomo Goren Plans to Blow Up Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem 1967 – Dennis Michael Rohan Sets Fire to al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem 1969

Stalin’s Deportation of 1.5 million Russian Muslims – Massacre of 100,000 Burmese Muslims


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