Islamophobia reaches its peak with protests against mosque construction

Islamophobia reaches its peak with protests against mosque construction

Islamophobes protesting against construction of mosques in different parts of the West, demonstrate the intolerance not only to Islam, Muslims and the Muslim Brotherhood but to anything remotely different to Western beliefs. Claims such as Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) was a warlord is not only blasphemous, but reveals the extent of ignorance especially that Islam is a religion of peace. Islam mandates that in order to be a good Muslim, one must respect and believe in the divine religions, their messengers and their holy texts. Assertations that Islam is based on terrorism and flourished through aggression indicate the narrow-mindedness and real intent of defaming the peaceful religion. 

Furthermore, Muslims and Islamic organizations adamantly condemn use of violence against both Muslims and non-Muslims. Extremists kill fellow Muslims also in many Muslim countries because they were of a different sect, clan, ethnicity or political belief, or were innocent worshippers. The most recent includes the bombings in Pakistan, which in fact was condemned and slammed by all Muslim scholars and intellectuals, movements including the Muslim Brotherhood.

Worldwide interaction of religions, creeds and cultures is what has made the world flourish with its diversity, and using such attacks as the September 11 as an excuse to call all Muslims as terrorists is not only unfair but ignorant. Any effort to embrace Muslim citizens would definitely help reject the nonsense of “us versus them” mentality that injects hatred and divides humanity

In all reality, the 9/11 incident has affected each and every individual including Muslims and non-Muslims. Muslims remember the pain of losing family members, friends or loved ones; they understand the worth of human life emphasized in Islam. There is no such thing as militant Islam any more than there is militant Christianity, Judaism. However there are extremist Muslims, Christians, and Jews all who violate the teachings of their own faiths which are not militant.

Building a mosque and Islamic Cultural center close to Ground Zero or any other area in the US or Europe  is not a disgrace to the memory of people who died in the tragic 9/11 attack, but it is an effort to continue in the path of life through peaceful and tolerant measures.