Israel carries out demolition orders in Jerusalem

Israel carries out demolition orders in Jerusalem

The Israeli bulldozers demolished today 3 barracks used as places to house horses, sheep and poultry owned by Maher Siyam from the district of “Abbasiyeh” in Silwan, located in Jerusalem.

Haj Fakhri Abu Diab, head of the Committee of defending the houses threatened with demolition in the “Silwan” area, said that “what happened was a major cruel show carried out by the municipality and the Israeli police which were using a large number of special police members to prevent from accessing the area of demolition by force”, referring to the demolition of a garage that belongs to the Palestinian citizen Kamal Shweikhy, in the neighborhood of ”Althwary” carried out by the Israeli bulldozers.

Jawad Siyam, Director of Information Center in “Wadi Helwat”, said that the Israeli force that carried out the demolition escorted by the police confiscated horses, sheep and poultry from the barracks that they demolished, while police arrested the two sons of the owner of these barracks, Raed and Nedal, before releasing them later.

Local sources that the process of demolitions came after less than 24 hours on the recommendation of the Attorney General of the Israeli government called for his government to implement the prior orders to demolish the homes of Jerusalemites which will guarantee the maintenance of law and respect it, as he claims.