Israel closes West Bank for three days

Israel closes West Bank for three days

The Israeli occupation authority imposed a hermetic closure on the West Bank as of midnight Saturday and for three days, the Hebrew radio reported on Sunday.

It said that the measure was taken in anticipation of the Nakba (usurpation of Palestine) anniversary according to the Hebrew calendar.

The broadcast noted that the closure would remain in force until midnight Tuesday and would be coupled with stringent security measures in all West Bank areas.

According to the measure, the Palestinians would be isolated from the outside world and would not be allowed to enter 1948 occupied Palestine unless for urgent medical or humanitarian reasons after coordination with the liaison offices.

The step coincides with the Israeli police raising the degree of alertness in its ranks due to the approaching annual ceremony in commemoration of Israeli soldiers who died in combat and the so-called "independence" anniversary.

In another context, Israeli media reported on Sunday that three Palestinians were rounded up at dawn in Qalqilia and Al-Khalil in the West Bank.