Israel Confirms Hamas Fired NO Rockets

Israel Confirms Hamas Fired NO Rockets

It”s not only the CNN to confirme that Israel broke the ceasefire first, but Israel confirmed this too.

On More4News last Friday (9 January), Israeli spokesman, Mark Regev, was forced to admit that from 19 June until 4 November 2008, during the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, Hamas fired no rockets or mortars out of Gaza into Israel, absolutely none. A video clip of this is available on YouTube [Hat tip: David]

You can watch it here:

Tunnel to kidnap Israeli soldiers? That”s it! That”s the reason Israel have for their systematic war crimes on Gaza?

Remember, three years ago they used the Israeli POW to wage a war on Lebanon. The only difference this time is that they started the war before that reason is real. Their is no proof what so ever that Hamas was digging that tunnel to kidnap Israeli terrorists or for any other reason. Israel needs no reason to fill their tanks with Arab kids blood and dead bodies.

The full news clip can be found here: