Israel Demolishes Two Palestinian Homes in Occupied Jerusalem

Israeli occupation forces on Tuesday demolished two Palestinian homes in the occupied Jerusalem district at the usual pretext of lack of building permits, locals reported.

The sources in Sawahra Al-Sharkiya village, Jerusalem district, said that big numbers of Israeli troops flattened the 200-square-meter house of Farid Mohammed Abul Daba’at, which has been built a long time ago.

The IOF have knocked down numerous houses in the same area at the pretext of lack of permits while in fact they were leveling the ground for the construction of the Israeli Apartheid Wall as vast areas of cultivated lands were confiscated and hundreds of olive trees uprooted in that same area.

Meanwhile, in Jabal al-Mukabir in occupied Jerusalem also on Tuesday, the IOF tore down the home of Nassim Siyam after cordoning off the entire suburb.

The newly built 65-square-meter home includes three rooms and other utilities and cost around 12,000 dollars.

Siyam said that he was surprised at receiving a warning only three days earlier from the municipality court. He explained that he found the warning posted on the outside wall of the house ordering him to pull down his own home before Wednesday.

He said that he went to a lawyer to stall the order but the municipality bulldozed the house even befor the deadline expired

Hundreds of similar Palestinian homes are facing the same fate at a time when Israeli Jews are allowed free hand to build wherever they wish in occupied Jerusalem.