Israel endorses plan to build bridge on Magharba road

Israel endorses plan to build bridge on Magharba road

The Aqsa foundation for the reconstruction of Islamic shrines warned Friday that the Zionist planning and construction committee in the Palestinian lands occupied in 1948 had endorsed a plan for the construction of a bridge on the Bab Al-Magharba road, describing the scheme as a blatant assault and a serious threat to the Aqsa Mosque and its buildings.

In a statement received by the PIC, the Aqsa foundation said that the ratification of the Zionist plan to build the bridge means that the Bab Al-Magharba road and two of the Aqsa Mosque”s rooms will be definitely demolished.

The foundation charged that this scheme is a step forward towards fully controlling the Aqsa Mosque and to replace it with a Jewish synagogue.

The Zionist construction committee sanctioned several days ago the blueprint of the bridge intended to be built on the Bab Al-Magharba road which was tabled by the Jewish-controlled municipality of occupied Jerusalem and published in the press to receive any objections to the plan within 60 days.

For his part, Ghalib Majadleh, the Arab minister in the Israeli government in charge of the ministry of tourism and antiquities” file, said that he will personally submit his objection to the scheme.

Majadleh added that he met with the Turkish Ambassador in Tel Aviv several days ago as well as with the observer of the Turkish State who is on an official visit to the occupied lands, affirming that the Turkish positions reject the scheme.

The minister pointed out that a delegation from UNESCO met a few days ago with delegates from Jordan to discuss the Zionist building schemes in Bab Al-Magharba road and the Aqsa Mosque, where the delegates expressed their opposition to the Zionist excavations and schemes there.

The IOA started several months ago to demolish the historical route to the Aqsa Mosque, which passes through Bab Al-Magharba, in the framework of a plan to expand the Buraq Wall in order to increase the number of Jewish worshippers in the area as well as to make easy the storming of the Aqsa Mosque by IOF troops 

The demolition process raised the ire of Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims, where the Turkish delegation visited the demolished areas to investigate the demolition”s impact on the Aqsa Mosque and Islamic antiquities in Bab Al-Magharba.