Israel home to world’s largest spy station

Israel home to world’s largest spy station

NAZARETH, – A French newspaper says an Israeli integrated spy station in the Negev desert designed to tap the region is the largest in the world.
According to Le Monde Diplomatique the secret base, belonging to the 8200 spy unit of the Division of Military Intelligence, is located in the Negev desert near Kibbutz Urim and is Israeli intelligence’s most important wiretap base.

The newspaper said the spyware is designed to intercept phone calls, letters, and electronic data sent through satellites, marine cable communications in the Mediterranean.

The base is designed to eavesdrop on phone calls and emails from government bodies, national organizations, foreign firms, political organizations, and private citizens.

A retired Israeli General, Uri Saguy, acknowledged that such a unit does exist, saying it contributes in presenting integrated intelligence with data provided by human agents.

Israeli reports note that security forces and Israeli intelligence a few years back boosted construction of wiretapping stations made possible by technological advances in communications. Large and powerful antennas capable of picking up communications from hundreds of kilometers away have spread throughout several Israeli locations.