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  • August 28, 2008
  • 11 minutes read

Israel ’needs Georgia for Iran strike’: report

Israel ’needs Georgia for Iran strike’: report

LONDON, (IranMania) – A recent report suggests that the US and Israel had plans to use Georgia as a launchpad for aerial strikes on Iranian nuclear sites, PressTV reported.


Columnist Ian Brockwell says the US is interested in Georgia because it borders Russia, has a pipeline that is intended to transfer oil to Israel, and most importantly is a country that can be used in an attack against Iran.


According to his article in the American Chronicle, the Bush Administration has been looking for an excuse to attack the Islamic Republic so that it can take possession of the country”s oil and give Israel a share in Iranian crude by transferring it through Georgia.


The article adds that Israeli weapons used in the recent attack against South Ossetia have been entering Georgia for many years as part of an Israeli plan to establish close military relations with the country.


Close military ties can be beneficial to Israel as its warplanes are able to carry out strikes against Iran from Georgia without having to refuel, explains Brockwell.


He adds, however, that Russia“s response to the Georgian attack on South Ossetia has upset the plans drawn up by Israel and the US because numerous Georgian military bases were destroyed in the conflict.


Brockwell has also drawn attention to the fact that a number of Georgian government officials similar to many American politicians, who are pushing for a war against Iran, hold Israeli citizenships.


US and Western media outlets portray Georgia as the victim of the conflict and Russia as the aggressor.


By planning an attack against Iran, says Brockwell, Washington and Tel Aviv hope to force a regime change and take out the one remaining country in the Middle East that has the potential to stop their ambitions.