Israel officially asks for new crossing with Jordan

Israel officially asks for new crossing with Jordan

Israel has officially asked Jordan to open a new crossing between them to be allocated for movement of Jordanian farmers into Israeli farms along the borders, Jordanian newspaper reported on Sunday.

Al-Arab Al-Youm quoted a senior government source as saying that the Jordanian government was studying the request, noting that the new border crossing would be in Wadi Araba south of the Dead Sea.

Al-Jazeera net quoted well informed sources as saying that an official Israeli request was sent by the foreign ministry to its Jordanian counterpart and that the request was currently in the office of premier Samir Al-Refai.

The request coincides with a Hebrew press report that an Israeli military order taken months ago would go into effect this week allowing the army to expel thousands of Palestinians residing “illegally” in the West Bank.

Ha’aretz said that the first stage would target Palestinians born in Gaza Strip or have children born to them in Gaza along with foreigners married to Palestinians or Palestinians who lost residence rights in the West Bank for one reason or another.