Israel Protests “Freedom of Expression”!

In an ironic move, and while the world is witnessing a heated debate over Freedom of Expression by the press after the publication of the Prophet’s Cartoons, Daniel Ayalon, the Israeli Ambassador to the US raised eyebrows when he wrote a letter to two prominent American newspapers protesting publication of two articles by Hamas Leaders.

 Mr. Ayalon in his letter to the Washington Post and LA Times argued that Hamas is “A Nazi movement” and therefore their leaders should not be given the opportunity to speak to the public under the pretext of Freedom of Expression!

The Los Anglos Times published an article by Khaled Mesha’al, the head of Hamas Political Bureau. In his article, Mr. Mesha’al said his movement would not recognize Israel as an independent state but as an occupying entity.
’Hamas will not recognize the entity that displaced and committed crimes against Palestinians,’ Mesha’al remarked. Mussa Abu Marzoq of Hamas wrote similar article in the Washington Post. There was no immediate response by
the newspapers to the ambassador’s letter