• April 14, 2010

Israel resumes demolishing Palestinian homes in O. Jerusalem

Israel resumes demolishing Palestinian homes in O. Jerusalem

The Israeli municipal council in occupied Jerusalem declared its intention to resume on Wednesday the demolition of Palestinian homes at the pretext of unlicensed construction in all areas of the holy city, especially in Silwan neighborhood after it received formal approval from its government.

Council member Meir Margalit said that the mayor of Jerusalem intends to resume the demolition of homes in the eastern areas of the holy city after he coordinated with the Israeli police.

Margalit pointed out that the demolitions would be resumed after a five-month suspension because of the American pressure in this regard.

For his part, member of a committee for the defense of Palestinian homes Fakhri Abu Diyab said there is confirmed information received by the committee stating that the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) in Jerusalem will start today the first stage of demolitions in Silwan.

Abu Diyab added that Israel flouted all calls made by UN officials for stopping its policy of demolishing Palestinian homes.

In another related context, the Hebrew radio revealed that the IOA in Jerusalem intends to discuss a plan to build public buildings in the holy city on lands confiscated from Palestinians.

It said that the IOA planning and building committee will hold a meeting this Thursday to discus the building of structures in Gilo neighborhood east of Jerusalem, specifically near Gilo park.

According to the radio, the title deeds of the lands were confiscated from Palestinian citizens in the 90’s of the last century.

Secretary of the Israeli government Zvi Hauser told the Hebrew radio on Tuesday that his premier Benjamin Netanyahu does not intend to change the policy of construction having been pursued in Jerusalem for 40 years.

In another incident, Jordan said it will introduce an Arab draft resolution to the UNESCO meetings being held nowadays in Paris to condemn Israel for blocking the arrival of Jordanian engineers to Al-Maghareba Gate, one of the Aqsa Mosque’s gates, in order to renovate it in the wake of Israeli excavations that damaged parts of its ramp.

The French news agency AFP quoted Tuesday the secretary-general of the Jordanian royal committee for Jerusalem affairs Abdullah Kanaan as saying that the UNESCO had approved earlier a draft law stipulating the restoration of Al-Maghareba Gate ramp.

Kanaan affirmed that the Jordanian engineers try every two or three months to reach the Gate to start their work, but the IOA prevents them.

He pointed out that Israel cannot prevent Jordan from assuming its responsibilities toward the Islamic and Christian holy shrines in Jerusalem according to the international law especially The Hague treaty and Geneva conventions.