Israel to build new settlement in the West Bank

The Israeli war ministry has sanctioned the establishment of a new settlement to north of Jordan Valley in the West Bank in the first such step in 14 years.

Hebrew media reported that 30 houses would be built on the Palestinian lands for Israeli settlers who were evacuated from the Gaza Strip.

The head of the so-called regional council for Jordan Valley said that he received construction permits for that purpose on Monday, 25/12.

This is the first time since 1992 that the Israeli government officially sanctions the construction of a new settlement in the West Bank while its policy over the past years focused on expanding the already established ones.

The PFLP was the first Palestinian party to condemn the act, saying that it came in violation of international laws and displayed Israel’s disrespect of international resolutions banning any such step.

A PFLP spokesman said in a press release that the Israeli growing colonization of Jerusalem and the West Bank reveals falsehood of American-Zionist plans to allow establishment of a Palestinian state, which would only be a protectorate in the new Middle East championed by the USA and the Hebrew state.