Israel Unveils Intentions to Build New Settlement in W. Bank

Israel Unveils Intentions to Build New Settlement in W. Bank

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Israeli media outlets revealed Monday that officials in the Israeli war ministry made a proposal calling for building a new settlement outpost in the West Bank near occupied Jerusalem.


Spokesman for the Zionist Yesha settlements council Yishai Hollander said that the war ministry officials had proposed moving several families from the Migron settlement to another West Bank site.


According to Hebrew media, Yishai asserted that the Yesha council would meet this week to discuss a proposal put forward by Israel“s war ministry to build a permanent settlement of Migron nearby the current site, on a hill near the Palestinian city of Ramallah.


This proposal is a new slap in the face of PA chief Mahmoud Abbas and his negotiators who are wrongheadedly insistent on holding meetings and shaking hands with Israeli officials despite the escalating Israeli settlement expansion.


In a serious development, the Palestinian citizens in the Jenin city were shocked on Monday at seeing Israeli military vehicles patrolling the area around the PA headquarters in the city and thought it was a new Israeli invasion, but later they discovered that there was a PA-Israeli security meeting when they saw Israeli officers warmly welcomed by Abbas”s security officials.


According to PA security sources in Jenin, the meeting was friendly and focused mostly on issues related to the security campaign waged by Abbas”s security apparatuses against anti-Israel Palestinian citizens and institutions in the city.


In another context, Palestinian sources in Nablus reported that about 25 prisoners affiliated with Al-Aqsa Brigades, the armed wing of Fatah, on Monday set fire to their belongings in the PA Junied prison in protest at not fulfilling promises to release them.


One of the detainees said that he and his prison mates of Al-Aqsa Brigades had accepted willingly eight months ago to be imprisoned in PA jails within a security deal between the PA leadership and the Israeli occupation, but the latter did not give them the agreed amnesty so far.


Prisoners affiliated with Aqsa Brigades in the Junied prison had organized many protests before for not granting them the Israeli amnesty and some of them tried to commit suicide by drinking chemicals.