Israel Will Be Responsible For The Next 9/11

Israel ’s ongoing crimes against the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples have apparently replenished the huge reservoir of anti-Americanism throughout the Muslim world.

Arab and Muslim masses from Morocco to Indonesia are feeling, quite justifiably, that America is the enabler of Israeli criminality which has claimed additional hundreds of fresh victims, including numerous children annihilated with their families by American-supplied bombs and missiles.

The US government not only gave Israel the military tools to commit genocidal crimes in Gaza and Lebanon but also provided the political-diplomatic cover which allowed Israel to perpetrate these crimes with impunity.

Needless to say, any other country indulging in such nefarious crimes would have been strongly and unhesitatingly condemned by the whole world.

The US government is, of course, fully aware how the Israeli army has been (and is) using American-supplied weapons, from Apache helicopters and F-16 fighters to cluster bombs and depleted uranium (DU) shells, against innocent civilians, in utter violation of US laws.

Israel , it is widely believed, has dropped more than a hundred 5000lb DU bunker-busters in Beirut ’s southern suburbs or Dahiya.

Given the radioactive nature of these lethal shells and bombs, one can safely conclude that the recent Israeli bombing of Lebanese and Palestinian population centers occupies an intermediate position between conventional and nuclear wars. Yes, the immediate victims of these and similar bombs may be 1200-1400 Lebanese civilians. But the indirect and postponed effects are likely to be far more catastrophic as we saw in Iraq .

Predictably, the US government always turns a blind eye to these manifestly criminal violations. This is because successive American administrations always treated Israel as above the law, even America ’s own law.

Besides, the US itself, which dropped numerous tons of DU on Iraq , is actually in no moral position to lecture Israel on the inadmissibility and evils of targeting civilians, especially using internationally prohibited weapons.

Indeed, the evangelical fuehrer at the White House is probably the last person under the sun that is fit to invoke the morality issue with regard to murdering children, especially if the victims happen to be non-American and non-Jewish. Only God knows how many innocent human beings Bush has killed under the pretext of his so-called war on terror which many Muslims feel, not unreasonably, is a war on their faith.

Last week, it was reported that the US government would investigate whether Israel violated American laws which prohibit the use of cluster bombs against civilians in Lebanon.

Such bombs, of which the Israeli air force dropped thousands, are likely to kill and maim many Lebanese civilians for many years to come. Reports from Lebanon already speak of daily fatalities resulting from cluster bomb explosions.

It is futile to pin any hope on such “investigations” by evildoers against other evildoers. The US, after all, has always been the chief accomplice and co-murderer in Israel’s crimes, past and present. Israel and the US make up the ultimate camaraderie of evil.

Meanwhile, Bush will continue to babble about spreading democracy in the Arab region while actively supporting and strengthening abusive tyrants from Rabat to Bahrain who excel in repressing their own peoples and denying them human rights and civil liberties. He may also continue to preposterously claim that America is Lebanon’s friend. Well, with friends like Bush, one should need no enemies at all.

What friendship? The Bush administration, which blessed and even sought to romanticize the murderous Israeli aggression even more enthusiastically than the most extremist Israeli right-wingers, had the audacity to call the naked onslaught “self defense.”

This is the same dangerous ignoramus who had called Ariel Sharon, the certified war criminal, “a man of peace” despite the latter’s unquestionable involvement in the mass extermination of thousands of innocent Palestinian refugees at Sabra and Shatilla near Beirut in 1982.

Moreover, the Bush administration deliberately blocked an earlier ceasefire resolution in Lebanon in order to give Israel more time to murder more Lebanese civilians and destroy more Lebanese bridges, homes, power and gas stations.

Yes, of course, the direct murderer is Israel, but the real criminal is the American administration that not only wholly embraced Israel’s murderous rampage, but also hastened to provide the murderer with more “smart bombs” and bunker busters in order to kill more, maim more and destroy more.

It is likely that Israel and her partner in sin, the US administration, think that this brazen criminality and pornographic bloodshed will instill “shock and awe” in the hearts of hundreds of millions of Arabs and Muslims in the Arab region and beyond.

This is not going to happen. Experience shows that the more likely effect of such horrible criminality will be the deepening of hatred for the American government. Now, America will be hated by additional millions of people who have come to view it as the Nazi Germany of our days..

Hence, the next time another 9/11 takes place, Americans should point their accusing fingers first toward Israel and only then to the terrorists.

It is Israel’s thuggish behaviors and America’s shocking embrace of these behaviors that are making a repetition of 9/11 more likely.

Maybe this is Israel’s ultimate goal, namely to widen and deepen the already vast chasm between America and the people of the Muslim world. Maybe it is true that Israel played a clandestine role in the original 9/11 terror attacks. Deception, after all, is Israel’s other name.

Israel, through her agents in the Pentagon, Congress, media and numerous Zionist-run and Zionist-financed think-tanks, succeeded a few years ago in pushing the Bush Administration to invade and occupy Iraq, resulting in the nearly complete destruction of that ancient land and the death of tens of thousands of Iraqis as well as more than 2500 young Americans, not to mention the other huge monetary and material losses.

Now, Israel is rabidly, frantically and relentlessly pushing Bush to attack Iran in order to ensure Israel ’s strategic hegemony throughout the Middle East .

We all hope that the American people will act before it is too late to extricate their government from this overwhelming subservience to AIPAC which brazenly claims to be in control of America .

Israel is already making the entire world hates America . The American people must do something to save their country.