Israeli ambassador to Cairo flees to Israel after discovering Mossad spy ring

Israeli ambassador to Cairo flees to Israel after discovering Mossad spy ring

 CAIRO,- The Egyptian newspaper Al-Youm Assabe’a revealed that Israel’s ambassador Isaac Levanon left Cairo immediately after the Egyptian authorities discovered a spy ring affiliated with the Mossad and pointed out to his involvement in this case.

The newspaper explained that Levanon last week flew to Israel with his family without providing an explanation for his sudden departure and pointed out that some official media outlets talked that he helped the spy ring to gather intelligence information on Syria and the movement of Syrians in Cairo airport.

Israel’s channel 10 reported that the Israeli foreign ministry claimed that the ambassador to Cairo is on vacation for recreation, adding it is not clear yet if he will return to Cairo or not.

The channel noted that some Egyptian political analysts believe that there is a connection between Levanon’s departure and the spy ring.

It added that Levanon, 65, left Cairo with his wife and three large bags which confirmed expectations that he would not return to Cairo in the near future.

In this regard, a top Egyptian security source told Al-Youm Assabe’a newspaper about further details on the arrest of Mossad agent Tareq Abdelrazek, a member of the spy ring.

The source said that there is another Mossad agent inside Egypt who was supposed to meet with Abdelrazeq in last August to deliver important information that should have been relayed by the later through a special encrypted device.

The information disclosed by the source pointed out to the presence of other Mossad agents linked to this spy ring operating in Lebanon and Syria.