Israeli arrogance threatens Rachel Corrie aid ship

Israeli arrogance threatens Rachel Corrie aid ship

However orders were ignored and the captain refused affirming that the cargo was for heading for Gaza stressing that his destination is Gaza port


According to sources the ship was not boarded but followed by gunboats and frigates


An agreement by the Irish foreign ministry had been met for the cargo to be checked at the Ashdod harbor and later taken to Gaza via land route, however, activists on board refused the deal


Spokesperson for the activists on board Mairie Macguire asserted they were not afraid and will continue to advocate non-violence. Israel ‘s military however said that the ship was pressing ahead towards Gaza , ignoring two instructions to dock at the Israeli port of Ashdod warning that the ship was “approaching an area of hostilities which is under a naval blockade threatening that it will take control of the ship


Despite the Israeli massacre on the Marmara early last week which resulted in 20 deaths and many others injured the freedom flotilla insists on reaching its destination. The attacked ship had activists from all walks of life including professors, politicians, doctors, engineers, lawyers and MPs, 2 of which were from Egypt ‘s Muslim Brotherhood bloc