Israeli Attacks in Gaza Kills Seven Palestinians, Including Children

Israeli Attacks in Gaza Kills Seven Palestinians, Including Children

Palestinian medical sources declared that the Israeli occupation forces launched many operations at Gaza Strip leading to seven martyrs; including five children, and 12 injured. Al-Hurrah correspondent reported the destruction of an Israeli tank and injured Israeli soldier.

Sources say that a new Israeli raid on a house at Buraij Camp in Gaza led to the killing of four kids and injury of other five.

Early this day, two Hamas activists and eleven years child were killed and not less than other four injured due to bombings and deep penetration of the Israeli occupation forces in Khan Yunus and Buraij Camp in Gaza Strip.
Eye witnesses say that there were violent confrontations between armed Palestinians and the Israeli forces after the penetration of Israeli armed vehicles and tank backed by aggressive helicopters inside the Palestinian territories; the sources say that Palestinians used counter-missiles during attacks.
Concerns over humanitarian disaster.

The crossing from which fuels pass to Gaza is still closed; there are many concerns over a humanitarian disaster at Gaza Strip.
In its Friday statement, Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) stated that Gaza is on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe because of the Israeli collective punishment policy taking place at Gaza , according to Palestinian News Agency (WAFA).

The PCHR called the international community, especially Geneva “s Fourth Convention contracting countries, whole UN foundations, and all international humanitarian organizations to swiftly intervene to end the catastrophe threatening the Palestinians.

The PCHR calls for forcing Israel to simultaneously flow fuel, food, medicine, and all kinds of industrial and commercial goods to the Gazans according to the principles of international humanitarian law and the international law of human rights.